The Story behind ~From The Bottom Of His Heart

From the Bottom of His Heart By Debbie Marie Arambula 

This piece is one of my most favorite, as it is dedicated to Dave Brubeck (Famous Jazz Musician) and my father, Rocci John Cetani, both amazing, soulful piano players. 

One night, sitting in my studio, painting on my 3rd week of no days off, I decided that that was it, I wanted to go on a date with my husband! And I wanted to go that night! Just then, Jazz Station KCSM offered free tickets to see Dave Brubeck at the Little Fox Theater in Redwood City. With 100% intention to win, I decided that would be my date with my hubby. I won!

When we arrived, I was so excited. We got incredible seats and almost as soon as we sat down, the stage went black and the fully housed auditorium went completely silent. Mr. Brubeck, who I only knew by radio, had arrived on stage. After a wonderful audience reception, this gentleman, in his mid-80’s quietly walked across the stage & sat down on the grand piano bench & started to play.

Instantly & unexpectedly, I was overwhelmed with emotion, heart wide open, uncontrollable tears streamed down my face, speechless, the music permeated through my soul, like a gentle arrow of inspiration. I was so moved that I couldn’t stop crying for about 40 minutes. I was so glad that it was dark in the theater!  Mr. Brubecks musical style, so gentle, so passionate, instantly reminded me of being a little girl sitting on my dad’s lap, while he played powerful & emotional music, singing his heart out. I cherish those moments with my Dad, like you have no idea! Dad had no idea how this would inspire my world, my love of music, dance, performance and now over 45 years later as a professional artist that cherished memory opens my imagination on a whole new level.

I sat in my theater seat, comforted in sea of inspirational joy, crying, laughing and visually inspired by the wonderment of this music. I had never heard anyone play with so much passion other than my Dad. This is one of those personal, magical moments in life that you can only experience for yourself. And as the night went on, inspired visions of musical black & white heart paintings emerged from this soulful adventure. Black and white are the colors that I use to show purity of heart. True love, they are the only time I use these colors.

Six months later, in an unexpected moment, I realized the connection between a man and an artist, the thing that electrifies our hearts, inspires us to feel the artist’s passion, the entity that connects the audience to the artist, is not only the passion the artist feels and nakedly expresses, but that when it comes from the bottom of one’s heart, it is felt by all. And that is the connection between my Dad, Dave & me. And just as I bare my soul when I paint, they play piano from the bottom of their hearts.

One could say it is a lot of things, but really, it comes down to just one thing. When an artist truly communicates feelings, ideas & emotions from the bottom of his or her heart, unlike other forms of energy, that is pure love and you can’t help but feel it! And so, the gold is for the purity of inspiration, honesty and integrity. The gold line goes from the top of the treble cleft thru the heart to the bottom of the three hearts. And thus, we get the title, “From the Bottom of His Heart”

I dedicate this piece to all the artists of the world that give up so much of the “normal lifestyle”, the comforts of predictability, to give of themselves nakedly, unselfishly and unconditionally, to inspire and uplift mankind. And to those that decided that they couldn’t give up their responsibilities to their family and gave up their dreams of becoming a professional musician, painter, singer, dancer, actor…  

All my love to you Dad,

Your little girl, with musical swirls of hearts in her soul.

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4 thoughts on “The Story behind ~From The Bottom Of His Heart

  1. Hi Debbie as a piano player and sort of artist this is my favorite piece you do 😻love your spirit and how you are able to express it in beautiful words 🤩 How do I order one of these for myself ?
    Christine Hughes


  2. I love this painting❣️ I first met you in Lake Tahoe showing your paintings and I bought this from you❣️ I have 3 others and they are all special to me❣️ You have a special gift and I’m so glad you share it with the world❣️ I’m already on your email list❣️ God bless and stay safe❣️ 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you So much Kathy I am so glad we met and that you are enjoying the Heartwork! I will be coming out with some women’s t-shirts of this design this week. Wishing you Health and Happiness always love Deb


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