*How Jazz Inspired Paintings of Love*

Dad and I TwineezeMusic has been a huge inspiration in my life ever since I can remember. At a very young age, listening & watching my Dad play piano mesmerized me. Sometimes he would ask me to sit next to him while he played, and I felt beyond special! I cherish these moments like premier features of my life! Watching Dad’s fingers move eloquently along the black and white keys fascinated me and inspired a deep love for music.

I recall visiting my Nana Marie, Dad’s Mom, she always had the radio on, and she love music from the 40’s. She exposed me to Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louis Prima, Ella Fitzgerald, Louie Armstrong  and countless others.

I remember times when break fresh string beans with my Nana & my Aunty Carm (Dads sister). And picking fruit from Nana’s fruit trees in the backyard. The musical backdrop of Standards made my life feel magical and romantic.

My Nana and Me
My Nana Marie at my High School Graduation 1978

My Nana loved pinks & lavenders, she wore it & sometimes decorated her house tastefully with it. Pink made her feel happy. Raised by a stern Sicilian Father from Sicily and experiencing some heavy losses as a young mother, music added and element of elegance and beauty that fed her heart beyond words. I love these precious memories and I relive them through my art, to imbue the uplifting life energy that I feel in my own heart.

Who would have thought that these precious moments would mold my artistic career forever? The power of influence that we have on others is potent.

From the Bottom of His Heart is dedicated to my Dad for opening my heart to jazz masters and a deep appreciation for music and to Mr. Dave Brubeck an amazing musician popularizing Jazz worldwide his entire life.

Dad and I at Fox TheatorDad and I at Dave Brubeck concert


In honor of my Nana Marie, I have created a Pink T-shirt version of  “From the Bottom of His Heart”. I know she would love it and I hope you do too! https://www.debbiearambula.com/t-shirts

No matter how we met or when we meet again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my life and inspiring me.

Much Love

Debbie Arambula “The Heart Artist”

FTB Full White on Pinkhttps://www.debbiearambula.com/t-shirts


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