*Living Your DREAM* Freedom is not Free* Story Part 2

9 Jul
Rainbow American Flag Mixed Media Painting by Debbie Arambula

Rainbow American Flag Mixed Media Heart Art Painting by Debbie Arambula


Making the decision to live your dream, create the life you want to live and really go for it may not always come easy at first, with fear lurking as background noise and those very “thoughtful disbelievers” pushing you to live a “normal lifestyle”; sometimes it takes one simple inspiration to push you over the edge and say “YES, I am going to make this happen!”

Funny, but in some sort of weird way, the above barriers can actually be a blessing in disguise. Let me explain, getting the dream on it’s way can sometimes be painstaking and a test of your dedication to yourself and your ideals. Honestly, I think all of the above just prepares you for the adventure.

Living the life of an artist, wearing your heart on your sleeve, being your naked self in every painting, both spiritually and emotionally, can leave yourself open to all sorts of comments, considerations and critics, to say the least. Any artist that can make it 20 years with all of the above is prepared for almost any adventure in life. For when a true artist creates a painting, it comes from their imagination, their life’s experience and deep passion that moves them to the point of picking up a brush and sharing it with the entire world.

Family dedicating themselves to their dreams as they glue hearts on

Family dedicating themselves to their dreams as they glue hearts on

Chicago KOA SylviaLiving your dream is very much like picking up a paintbrush. You have to want the dream first, then visualize it and more importantly, know that you can make it happen. With a good mix of imagination, ingenuity, enough mind and heart muscle to kick fear in the teeth, ignoring the nay-sayers and doing a lot of action items to make it really come to life, you can achieve your dreams. My parents lovingly ingrained in me that you can be or do anything you want in life. And I am living proof, from Professional House Cleaner to Professional Artist for 20 years now.


Here are just a few lovely pictures of dreamers from Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois…..

Little Dreamers

Little Dreamers

Couple living the dream

Couple in Love Chicago Dreamers

Rainbow flag art

New Friends Chicago Amdur Productions Team Dreamers

Rainbow Flag Heart Art

Nebraska Dreamer


Rainbow Flag Heart art

Father & Daughter Dreamers


28 Jun
The Heart Artist Palette

The Heart Artist Palette



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Like the title of this new piece, Living the Dream, this year marks many important landmarks: My 35th Wedding Anniversary in Cabo, recently celebrating my 55th Birthday, and my biggest adventure yet, traveling over 5500 miles across the country to Chicago, to participate in some of the top fine art shows in the USA.

As my special gift to you, I offer you one of my most cherished heart art as a proclamation and announcement of sorts to LIVE YOUR DREAM AND NEVER GIVE UP!

Living the Dream ~ Story, Part 1 

Having the courage to *LIVE YOUR DREAM* despite all odds, not only takes a gleaming dedication of guts, it can often be encouraged and inspired by family and friends, which can MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE in making it come true or just letting it quietly die away.

For me, Living the Dream has always meant dedicating yourself to creating it and doing whatever it takes to make it a reality! It is not always easy in this world. But the simple truth is the dreamers must never give up, or the rest will perish. Every good idea has come from a DREAMER. ART itself is conjured up from the imagination, and when one loses that, he has pretty much lost the fun in the game of life.

Many people on this earth live and die to protect our dreams; Veterans, Policemen, Firemen, Doctors & Nurses, to name a few. Living the Dream was created from dreams, and it is dedicated to and for the DREAMER in you, and to all those that muster the courage to protect the dream no matter what the cost.

This piece started in Hermosa Beach, California, with the assistance of our lovely daughter Kate, and evolved into inviting dreamers of all ages to share their dream through action and thought. There are over 275 hearts of all colors, and sizes. And with each person, no matter what their age or their occupation, I ask them to “acknowledge the dream they are living” or to “re-dedicate themself to making their dream a reality”. Below are some pics of happy dreamers at the Gold Coast Art Show in Downtown Chicago.

Ok, so I have two ‘Pretty Please Requests':

  • First, please join the conversation, and if you’re daring enough, please share your dream with me.
  • Secondly, click the picture of ‘Living the Dream’ to see a VERY EXCLUSIVE LIMITED OFFER for you. This offer will only last a 6 days. I promise you will love it, and besides, there is no harm in taking a peek. So please Click the link you owe it to yourself : Debbie’s Living the DREAM 55th Birthday Offer

Much love to you!

Debbie Arambula , Heartist


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Kate and I Living the Dream together!

Kate and I Living the Dream together!

Little Dreamers

Little Dreamers

Family of Dreamers

Family of Dreamers

Family Dreamers

Family Dreamers

*Painter of Love* Debbie Arambula

16 Apr

So many paintings so little time! One dream to inspire the world through art. I hope this video inspires you in more ways than one!

With Love,

A little girl with a big dream!

Ignite Imagination, Spark Creativity, Inspire Good Choices and Empower Children thru Art!

9 Nov
Purple swirly whimsical heart

‘Living Love’ Painting by Debbie Marie Arambula

Today I bring to you heart in hand. Today I share my personal hopes, my life’s’ dream, my soul’s purpose in this world: To utilize my art to Ignite Imagination, Spark Creativity, Inspire Good thoughts & Choices while Empowering children and adults thru art!

Whether through a colorful painting or in the stories that unfold with every painting I create, I give you my heart, openly, honestly and nakedly.

With recent events in the news, as well as a few unusual adventures that Life has not so graciously put onto my path this year, let’s just say that my viewpoint about the direction in which the World is heading jolted my purpose and passion like a lightening bolt to the heart. As a result, I can now longer put my lifelong dream on hold in any shape or form! I know what my job is on this planet and per your voice, via 100’s of testimonials in the form of letters, emails & phone calls, you’ve shared with me the multitude of benefits that my art gives your hearts, your homes, your offices!

Ever since I was little girl, I dreamed about a world without wars, a world where the color of a man’s skin doesn’t define him, but rather, celebrates his culture. A world where there was no killing, no drug addition, no poverty… Yep, I had big dreams as a kid, and throughout my entire life, I keep coming back to this one mission, this one goal: to use my art to uplift and inspire a world where people love, respect and care about each other. A world where we communicate with each other to the point of understanding and compassion. I am sure that in some deep hidden corner of my soul, this is why painting hearts is my passion.

My message is a simple one; to live from the heart, think with the head and create compassion from the soul!

Debbie and Steve Arambula in her colorful art booth in Monterey California

In the next few months you will see me go through some spectacular changes, both personally and in the art world.  I am reaching for the gold ring, the big Kahuna dream. There is no mediocre life for me in this life. In the wake of this metamorphosis, I am focusing my energy in one direction, it is called the “Spread the Love Campaign Tour”. Let me describe it for you. Steve and I will travel in a HUGE Sprinter van that is colorfully painted, kind of like a the old “Bookmobiles” that would visit our neighborhoods. We will be weaving the moral fabric back into society by creating art workshops for kids of all ages and using this fantastic, little, simple yet powerful booklet called The Way To Happiness, a non-religious moral code booklet that is so powerful and simple.

Children are our future. They are the light of hope for all mankind and when a culture loses it’s common decency, compassion, and care for it’s fellow man, mankind decays and dies away and what kind of future are we creating for our children?

Please know that every time you purchase one of my pieces of art, you are not just buying a piece to put on your wall or a gift for a friend, you are investing in a positive energy production machine that gives her heart nakedly to the world to ignite imagination for peace, spark creativity for LOVE, inspire good choices in matters of the heart and empower you with her colorful magic wand!

Visit my website today and find the magic that speaks to you www.theheartartist.com

The Power of LOVE

22 Oct

“Pop Hearts”

by Debbie Marie Arambula

“Pop Hearts” Blue, pink, purple rainbow heart art acrylic painting

Several years ago, around 2003 I was in my original art studio in my home; what a lovely studio it was, full of windows and a rugged backyard, giving me an abundance of space. I remember how the light danced softly across the windows, it was cozy, inspired by all sorts of rescued vintage windows, doors, chairs and things dangling from the ceiling. One big pile of a BEAUTIFUL MESS! I enjoyed working in the studio from early morning to late at night & sometimes till 3am, while listening to Jazz till the wee hours. With three small children at the time, this was the perfect time to let my imagination go wild.

Anyway, I was thinking about how one person can change your life just like that!  And out of the blue this piece was born. The power of love is within each of us and like a magic wand, it can wave it’s good energy across the lives of people we meet day in and day out. If we allow ourselves the journey we can love enough to change the way we feel about ourselves, our lives. And like a waterfall, in a moment, LOVES’ inspiration flows like the fountain of youth, and yet, in another moment of frustration, it withers like a dimly lit candle blowing in the wind. Love is so powerful that it can change everything! In fact, through love’s affection, people survive for the better, without it one withers. But whether you know it, it has been proven that it lingers in our soul. The power of love and the gifts that each one of us has to offer the world is an extraordinary energy like no other. The power of energy that exudes in one smile, one hug, one kiss, one touch…

We all have the capacity to heal, to inspire, nourish; we give happiness, compassion and support.  The power of love is only in your view of how to share it.

Simple don’t you think?

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What The World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love!

10 Jul
The Heart Artist at 5 years old

Debbie Marie Arambula “The Heart Artist” at 5 years old

As a child of 5 years old and aspiring artist in the making I remember the first time I heard this song….it hit me right in the center of my soul… so simple so true and now more than ever we need more love, more compassion, more honesty & more decency! With the recent passing of my 52nd Birthday, I am committed to spreading love more than ever before.

In the next series of blog posts, I’d like to share some personal stories that have lead me to this journey of the art through the Heart and how I plan to shine a HUGE BRIGHT light on the HEARTS & SOULS of many across the planet.

My dream is a simple one! And just like the 5 year old little girl singing into to a mock microphone (hair brush), like a singer, I  shine a light on the heart through every brushstroke of color on the canvas to inspire more love, ignite more creativity, spark imaginations, jump start more compassion, rekindle kindness, revive forgiveness for all races, all cultures, all ages. But in recent weeks, I have experienced evils that have inspired me to realize it is just not loud enough, not fast enough…..I have a master plan to inspire all of the above through art with children across the planet. Stay tuned for the release of my “Spread the LOVE Campaign Tour” a dream I have been working on for about for 52 years! www.spreadthelovecampaign.com

I LOVE YOU AND KNOW that together we can change this dwindling spirally volitle world.

What the World Needs Now Is Love” is a 1965 popular song with lyrics by Hal David and music composed by Burt Bacharach

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.
Lord, we don’t need another mountain,
There are mountains and hillsides enough to climb
There are oceans and rivers enough to cross,
Enough to last till the end of time.
What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.
Lord, we don’t need another meadow
There are cornfields and wheat fields enough to grow
There are sunbeams and moonbeams enough to shine
Oh listen, lord, if you want to know.
What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.
No, not just for some, oh, but just for everyone



Debbie Marie Arambula


“Your Heart Artist”

Creativity is Abundant in you!

10 Mar

Inspiring video for all creators that get stuck on creating more than one master piece; painters, musician, dancers, singers, writers…. This video not only reminded me a my own personal Beyond the Boundaries story but it made my heart sing! Author of Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert talks about creativity and the pressure and fear behind creating more than one great work of art. “Beyond the Boundaries” a piece birthed in pure simplistic greatness when I listen to my heart! I hope to inspire you to move yourself  beyond your boundaries of creativity? What do you do for yourself and others to inspire? 

Share your  thoughts and comments below!

Purple Flore de lis painting

Purple Heart Art Painting

Story of “Beyond the Boundaries” by Debbie Marie Arambula

Like “Beyond the Boundaries”, this year marks a few important landmarks for me: my 30th Wedding Anniversary, our baby girl will be 21 and my biggest adventure, my 50th birthday, today, July 9th.

As my special gift to you, I offer you my most favorite heart as a proclamation and announcement of sorts. We are here, we are love, we live, we love, we grow, we dream!

The inside story of Beyond the Boundaries:

This piece came out of a bolt of total freedom to be in the moment, a place of uninterrupted freedom! Beyond the Boundaries is a constant reminder of the potential value of who we are and what we can do with any situation in life! To turn it around and go beyond what you think you can do is an amazing feeling! So here is that moment captured in time.

The purple criss-cross background of Beyond the Boundaries was painted last year, in December 2009. Not a good year for most in the world, so many lost their homes, their jobs, but worst of all, their self-esteem, their dreams, their hopes . . . I know, I am the Heart Artist. I feel pain unlike most people. I hear the cry of the world like a goddess of love, I cry for the pain of men, women and children across the planet. This criss-cross pattern represents the past, the lost dreams, the lost hopes, the frustrations, and the invalidation of all that one believes. The past is behind us.

In January 2010, after having an amazing conversation with one of my best friends, the criss-cross unfinished background stared at me like a child calling me home to my own dreams, my own goals. And in the corners of my mind & my soul, I found myself in PURE Clear Vision, INSPIRATION & Decision. When one is faced in life with decision to Survive or Succumb, (you know what I am talking about), those times in life when it all comes to a point of breathing life into your dreams or leaving them behind, where you question your path and clarify your journey, it is at the point when greatness arises and you recover yourself from the boundaries of the past.

And the painting whooshed off my brush like a spiritual locomotive of passionate, child-like energy, surging truth from my brush. The heart is simple, true, pure, innocent, and honest, just like the moments when you know that you can achieve anything, and you move beyond the boundaries of negative thought, beyond the boundaries of what is comfortable, but rather a pure desire TO LIVE, TO LOVE, TO GROW, TO DREAM.

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Embracing Your Love Story

7 Feb

Its funny how every year Valentines Day it is brought to my attention as though it is a new fantastic way for me to market my heart art paintings. I never view it like that because for me I celebrate love stories through my art every day of the year.

Inspiration comes to us in many forms; perhaps a song you hear, a movie you see, a whimsical river in the morning light, an older couple holding hands, a young couple kissing, a Tuscan sunset in your very own backyard, two doves sitting on a fence sharing a conversation like a having a cup of coffee with a friend.

As an artist my life’s work is based on what I see, hear and most importantly what I feel.  It is how my heart and soul connect to the people and environment that surrounds me and how my emotions tap into my imagination and how my imagination stimulates my artistic creativity.  What inspires me most are the people I love, meet and share in conversation with! And having an opportunity to honor your love stories through my black and white heart art paintings is just about the best gift of love I could ever give.

Embrace your love story through a custom heart art painting by the girl with the big heart!

Custom Paintings for Heart and Home

2 Feb

What is a “Heart Portrait” Painting?

1)   It is a one-of-a-kind, colorful oil painting that captures the essence of you and/or your family by “The Heart Artist”.

2)    A custom, expressive painting, using colorful oil paints and energetic brush strokes, celebrating your unique spirit in the shape of a heart.

3)   It’s an abstract interpretive painting in the shape of a heart, seeing your soul through the eyes of “The Heart Artist”.

“It is not a painting of your body, your face or your clothes, but rather, the energy that I see and feel when having a fun conversation with you about your favorite things, your dreams, goals, the kind of music you love the most, your hobbies . . .” DMA

I discovered many years ago that I see & feel emotions, in color rhythmically, when I talk to people. Yep. It is my special gift!  As a child, my claim to fame was that I was A VERY sensitive child and honestly, for most of my life, no one really understood the depth of this “Gift”, and I am not sure that most understand it still.

For years, as a painter, I naturally used this gift in every commissioned painting I ever created, but it was so natural that I never realized that I had this special talent. Funny how a curse can become the greatest gift one has to offer to the world. I guess it is all in how one looks at it.

During a fun conversation with you, I see color and feel rhythm, taking abstract colorful notes on a small canvas, capturing the essence of you in the form of painterly brush strokes. These “Love Notes” are what I use to complete a large custom painting of your heart.

Since the day I uncovered this passion for painting hearts and souls, I have painted 100’s of colorful, expressive “Heart Portrait” paintings for Mothers and daughters, Husbands and Wives, Engaged Couples, New Born babies, Grandmothers, Kitties, loved ones passed . . .

For 50th Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary gifts and families of all sizes.

“Heart Portrait” paintings are a very special, colorful work of art, celebrating you, while giving me an opportunity to express my deepest, unconditional love of seeing everything beautiful in you. Allowing me to celebrate you & your life through my Heart Portrait custom paintings, this is my greatest joy!

What Colors Would YOUR Heart Portrait Be?  Click Comments below I am curious?

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Colorful Paintings that Inspire the Heart and Soul

1 Feb

I have the BEST Art Collectors in the world!

Inspiration comes to us in many forms; perhaps a song you hear, a movie you see, a whimsical river in the morning light, an older couple holding hands, a young couple kissing, a Tuscan sunset in your very own backyard, two doves sitting on a fence sharing a conversation Bird sitting on a wire like a group of friends having a morning gather.

As an painter of love & life my artistic inspiration is based on what I see, hear and feel and how my emotions tap into my imagination and how my imagination stimulates my artistic creativity.  What inspires me most are the people I love, meet and share in conversation with!  Enjoy this video of a few of my customers sharing what art does for them and how it inspires more love, more hope, more peace and more JOY!

We live in a world full of possibilities, it is all in how we look at it. For me as an artist my job to bring to view an opening in the heart and enlighten inspiration within, to reach for the abundance & Happiness in life.



Painter of Love & Life

Discovery of the New Home of The Heart Artist!

20 Aug

By now I am sure you have heard the good news, our gallery is EXPANDING!

It is a funny thing about life, you either expand or you contract, you create or you destroy… it is one of those simple concepts about life that is pretty much black and white.  And I have decided to EXPAND!

Recently frustrated about the worlds troubles, feeling a bit fed up and realizing in the same moment that in order to achieve my goals and believe me they are BIG, BRIGHT and FULL of LIFE type goals, I really needed to find tools to change, grow and expand, although very successful for over 14 years I have run into walls and barriers that artists with my experience run into and never seem to rise above. Historically artist give up or go get a job or die in the attempt. Not ME I SAY! Well I found a few “Life Improvement” courses that changed my life forever and opened up the ceiling of success that I had hit my head against for the past 6 years. These courses are changing the way I do business and are re-directly, rekindling, re-focusing my energy on every thing that is vitally important in my life: my family, my friends & the love energy I need to spread throughout the world !

I am here to inspire more love and with every inch of my soul I am here to give my heart to the world. And while a good portion of the world lives in fear it makes it some what challenging to earn a living as a full heart artist. Never the less my trusty hubby, photographer and I have worked 7 days a week for years on end to bring more beauty to the world while encouraging our off spring to share their voices of inspiration through their art. And so we are excited & some times weary to bring them along this road that is not so easy as it looks.

While being an artist is the most beautiful exciting game that I could ever create and while it is the most rewarding experience that I could ever share with the world, it is not this romantic idealistic life style of fame and fortune. Think about it… You are bearing your inner soul to the public all the time, wether a painter, singer, sculpture, photographer, dancer, actor…. you are honestly BEARING YOUR NAKED soul in every piece you create!

On top of that when you create art and show it to others you also get their ideas about it, good or bad. In the beginning an artist has to develop the skin of an alligator just to get through the first year of his or her career. And that is not even mentioning the ability to MARKETING AND SELL their art… That takes a whole other set of talent, any way I am getting that is another blog post all together….

Over the past 14 years I have met the most amazing collectors, artist’s, and business associates and each one has touched my life forever. But the other day I met an artist that would change the way I see myself forever. And I will share the whole story with you in another blog post. But my point is this, despite all I have continued to expand for 14 years and despite all, you are still with me supporting me and encouraging me along the way. I could never have gotten to this point in my career if it weren’t for people like you and my wonderful family believing in me all along the way. I love you, I adore you and I can not wait for you to see the NEW HOME of the Heart Artist- me- Debbie Marie Arambula.

Please Save the Date for our GRAND OPENING of Heartworks Fine Art Gallery, New Home of the Heart Artist, Debbie Marie Arambula, October 7th 2011 at 428 East Campbell Avenue in Historic Downtown Campbell California. RSVP: (408) 370-7278 http://www.theheartartist.com

By the way, because of you we won “Best Art Gallery of Silicon Valley 2011″

Painting From The Heart of Compassion

30 Jun


"Heart of Compassion" Acyrlic Painting by Debbie Marie Arambula

The Heart of Compassion was painted early on in my heart art painting career as a way to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for men and women of the world that give the gift of love, unconditionally and bring to light a beauty in death that is sometimes overlooked and seldom celebratory.

This multicolored contemporary acrylic painting of a huge heart  in tones of  red, purple, blueish-green on a warm background of Tuscan yellow was painted exclusively for a very special Hospice of the Valley at a Western Gala in San Jose California in 2006.  I was the featured artist in a live auction were I was completely honored and treated like a true celebrity. This colorful painting was painted purely from the heart and is dedicated to Doctors, Nurse practitioners and all the volunteers who give above and beyond to what can be   one of the most challenging experiences in life: death of a loved one.

My personal experience with Hospice was beyond amazing and with every day 1000’s of  volunteers bring spiritual support and a kind of light and  beauty in this  journey of Life and death to 1000’s of families across the world. In my opinion Hospice celebrates the journey of death as a beautiful part of life. This painting, a rainbow of colors celebrates life and the kind of person that gives of them self to heal the world.

Debbie Marie Arambula’s – Heart Art Painting Interpretation:

I feel the capacity to heal (the green color near the center of the heart) is ever flowing and permeates in a widening sphere. The tangerine and yellow in the center of the heart represent the purity of thought & deep spiritual connection of the love for life and our fellow man.

The blue-green running throughout the heart represents the capacity & possibility to heal others and, the growth of one’s spirit in the process of giving compassion. (Blue for possibility and green for growth & healing)

The gentle curl of swirl on the right side of the heart is the gentle side of compassion, the kind that just lives deep inside all of us. The swirl curls gently out and then, at the very end, back toward the inside of the heart. This shows that what you give, you also give to yourself. In every giving there are joyous gifts of satisfaction.

The cherry red surrounding the outside of the heart is the inspiration the heart of compassion feels to help others, make a better world… These are our best traits as spiritual beings.

The deep red is the passion one feels to keep giving despite all. And this combination of inspiration and passion let us know we are alive and carries with us throughout life.

How You Inspire My Heart Art Paintings, Let Me Count The Ways…

22 Apr

'Sweet Inspiration' red rainbow Heart Art

How you inspire my heart art paintings, let me count the ways…

Over the years I have received so many wonderful comments, love notes, Thank you Cards, personal letters, pictures, stories…

While I am so thrilled that my art has touched literally 1000’s of people of all ages, I find that it never seems to amaze me the gifts that you give me everyday.

It is because of my customers that I am still here, still flowing love out to a world that sometimes shuts the door on love, crushes inspiration, defeats dreams, diminishes power…The world can be a rough place for an artist, especially one that nakedly and openly puts her heart out so freely. I Want To THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being there by my side every step of the way. I feel you and know that you care about me.

Here are what some have to said about my art and what it does for them;

“I wake up every morning to my heart portrait and am reminded daily of all that is beautiful in my life, including your incredible skill of capturing all the love and happiness in one’s life in your art. May the world be your canvas and your canvas be the world.” CM

“Whimsical Note of Love My reason: it was the first thought that came to mind. In the midst of the heart there is a subdue musical note being danced around by tiny little hearts. Its a light hearted, rejoice-full, full of love, love “note”.  D

“Thank you for designing this heart and giving it the name you have given it. It truly has touched me. I look forward to receiving it.” SU

“I love your heart portraits and I truly wish before these midterm elections here in the United States that there was much more focus on love in our daily lives and less focus on politics and tremendous stress.” MS

“I met you last summer in Lake Tahoe and bought a couple of pics for my daughters and a beautiful purple heart pic for the Loma Linda Heart Institute where my son had a heart transplant- remember? Anyway, to let you know that we delivered it a couple of weeks ago when my son had his annual heart biopsy and they loved it. Thanks you for your work. Sincerely, K”

“I just got off the phone with you. I am the girl that is amazingly touched by your “heart”work (I know, a bad pun, but true) and wants to jump inside your paintings and live there! Thank you for hearing me and taking the time to speak with me.” J

I do remember you and your amazing artwork. While I have a deep appreciation for all art, yours really stood out at the Festival. I’m glad to hear you are busy pursuing your passion.

“I have truly enjoyed the piece I picked up; it lends much needed color and character to the living room where I framed it and it now ‘resides’. Its a great conversation piece, but more importantly reminds my girlfriend and I of each other and we love it.
Glad to be on your mailing list. I enjoyed the story behind “Beyond the Boundaries”. Happy belated birthday and congrats on all the very special milestones (birthdays, anniversary) you and Steve have coming up. Keep sharing your talent and inspiration,” B

Any how we all have our muses, I have many… I remember one time I went to a Art Museum in Chicago and unexpectedly walked into a a huge room where Monet water lily painting blurted out from now where, I stood there and cried uncontrollably. The power of art and love always amazing me!

Please Share an experience you have had with art and how it makes you feel.

Leave a comment Below now!

The Heart Artist Unveiling Message of Love to 14,000

9 Mar

I am so EXCITED I can’t even begin to tell you!!! Plus  you will have a chance to win a  free art print of a new release coming soon! Join Below: For your chance to Win a Free, Hand-signed print of ‘BELIEVE’ in my upcoming Free Drawing!

On Sunday, March 6th, 14,000 enthusiastic supporters gathered together at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, for Susan G. KomenRace for the Cure” Los Angeles County and together they raised successfully over 1.5 million dollars!!!

Debbie Marie, Steve & Katie Arambula at "Inspirational Vortex", Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure", Dodger Stadium

Debbie Marie, Steve & Katie Arambula create an "Inspirational Vortex", Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure", Dodger Stadium

Steve, Katie & I were invited to help create an artistic oasis to bring more beauty to the race, and so we created an art booth that I called the “Inspiration Vortex”. Centrally located in the race, it was visual inspiration for the 14,000 participants of the race.  We were there to inspire and bring more beauty to the Dodger Stadium Parking lot and I was also invited to unveil of my newest, secret, work of heart.

Later that morning, during the opening ceremonies dedicated to the Survivors of Breast Cancer, I was asked to come on stage, with our daughter Katie, to get ready to unveil my newest piece. Standing in the back section of the stage alongside the musicians, I waited for my queue to come to the front and center of the stage. This, in itself, was an amazing, emotional experience. I cannot begin to describe in words how it felt to be the Featured Artist, the one chosen to share my heart nakedly in front of 14,000 people.

Holding back my tears and trying to stay composed, I watched the front 6 rows of survivors listen to the inspirational speech being communicated to all.  I was overwhelmed with emotions, remembering what it was like to be intricately connected to the journey that my best friend, Erin, whom I lost 8 years ago, went through, and realizing the strength, love & support that this piece of art could potentially give to the survivors to nourish their souls in this journey; this battle of war. I was humbled that I was the one chosen to breathe a new type of life-energy into a war type of subject.

As I stood there my eyes swelled with tiny tears of joy, honor and a swarm of emotions  ran through my heart as I recalled how, within the last three months I had gotten many signs &  messages one after another, that this was the time  to birth my heart art painting, Believe, using its love energy to sprinkle massive amounts of joy to women worldwide. This moment was the particular moment I was being led to.

As I was called to center stage and I looked out at 14,000 people who were wondering & waiting for the mystery to unfold, I was affectionately introduced as Debbie, The Heart Artist, by the Jerri Johnson, a 10 year survivor and Chairperson for this event, noting to the crowd that this was created for the survivors.

Waiting for the Unveiling

As the brown satin material fell to the ground, Believe was revealed, causing the crowd to take a collective gasp before erupting into cheers of joy & applause.

Can you imagine what 14,000 people looking at you looking at them, looks like? Can you imagine how emotional it was to be on stage, looking out at a sea of wonderful people, all a part of such an enthusiastic team spirit of support? AMAZING!

Believe is dedicated to my Soul Sister & best friend of 35 years Erin Bray-Holt, and to the survivors as an inspiring message of unconditional love and spiritual empowerment for their journey.

Sunday, March 6th was the most humbling and honorable experience to say the least!

Click here to join for your chance to win a Free, Hand-signed print of “Believe”in my upcoming Free Drawing!

Click the Box above to Sign up now!

Survivors Looking at the Unveiling of "Believe" Heart Art

"Survivors" looking at the Unveiling of "Believe" Heart Art

Debbie Introduces Large Premium Fine Art Prints in La Jolla, California

7 Mar

We LOVE La Jolla California, who doesn’t right? SO BEAUTIFUL! We were here doing a little showing of our works and realized that every time people see these new Ridiculously Affordable High Quality Premium Fine Art Prints of our works of art they LOVE them and then buy them almost instantly.

I think it’s a visual thang! When you see these up close believe me when I say they are well worth the $259.00!

So we decided to re-releasing them with this new video.

These are Poster Size, not poster quality fine art prints. Through a series of surveys we discovered that our customers wanted large affordable high quality fine art for their homes and offices and because we love our customers we found a perfect solution.

Having art in our gallery makes it a very cool place to work, but I would rather it be up on your walls, above your bed, fireplace, living room or in your office inspiring you daily. Now that would be doing my job, Spreading the Love for sure!

Enter the Drawing to Win, Win, Win!: Watch the video and Leave a comment below, let me know what you think about these large pieces; if they answer your decorating needs and wants or share another suggestion of what you really need and want from me to help you bring my happy art into your home. When you Leave a comment below , you will instantly be entered in a drawing to win a FREE  16 x 20 of your choice of either my art or Steve’s photography, shipping is included ! The drawing will take place  on March 15th! If you like my blog site please click the “Subscribe” button and you will automatically be notified of the winner Blog post. If Blogs are like a foreign language to you, call me I am here to help you (408) 370-7278.



Spreading the Love Part One

3 Mar Debbie Marie Arambula painting a family of hearts

I am sitting in my art lovely studio, early in this morning, having coffee as my eyes adjust to the beautiful sun shining day, promise is in the air, a quite-like calm permeates my heart, knowing that I am about to embark on art adventures that will undoubtedly change my life forever! Who would have ever thought that a passionate, professional, house-cleaner would ever be sitting in her own whimsical art studio, looking out across an enchanting, tree-lined courtyard to a sign that reads “Debbie Marie Gallery?

Although I know today we have to check the bank balance, pay some bills, reload the van for the 1000th time, pack our suitcases for the millionth time, remember the coffee, the mobile office & it’s stuff, the paint, the easel, and all the things that make a mobile art studio, so that I can paint anywhere, even on the side of the road, my laptop, my dress shoes, my bill folder, my favorite coffee cup… oh yeah, our  favorite pillows… How I dream of having an RV, the kind that will give me the mobility of a life like that of a butterfly spreading love, sprinkling joy and bringing more happiness to a world in need of bright lights of hope.

As a young girl I think my parents didn’t really know what to do with me, always wanting to love the world, bring hope to dismal situations, always thinking of ways to create a better world. As an adult my professional art career has given me a platform of singing my love to the world on a much broader scale through all the 100’s of art shows, events, art donations I give, philanthropic art events I am featured in and the huge number of multimedia TV, newpapers, radio, magazines… blah, blah, blah,  I do every year. And every year, my voice of love grows stronger, more defined, more sparkly. I am totally clear about my job as “The Heart Artist”; where I am going in this quest of spreading more love & peace. I know exactly what I need to create a larger platform, a taller mountain to speak from.

And as I sit here in my “Girl Fort” (art studio) drinking from my favorite coffee cup, listening to the birds sweetly chirp, my heart swells with joyful tears as I look over to my Newest Heart Art that will be the featured heart artwork and will be unveiled for the first time to greet with bountiful inspiration 15,000 men & women fighting for a cure for breast cancer. 15,000 men & women showing support of all those that have lost the battle, 15,000 men and women gathering at Dodger Stadium for the Susan G. KomenRace for the Cure” this weekend March 6th, in Los Angeles, where my art will be the featured heart work, along with our daughter Katie’s art. As mother and daughter, we are using our art to decorate the entire 5 mile race, along with the support of my amazing husband, our favorite photographer & video cameraman in the world, who will be documenting the entire event!

The piece you see on this post is not the new heart art, the New art will not be posted until Sunday Morning. It is dedicated in honor of my “Sunshine” & Soul Sister, Erin Bray Holt, best friend of 35 years, and for Breast Cancer Awareness in the fight for a cure.

Due to the emotions that I feel in my heart and soul at this time, I will hold off on showing you the actual piece and will share the entire story after the unveiling.

I look forward to spreading the love more and more every day. Join me in an Exclusive On line Unveiling and Art Release of ‘BELIEVE’ and a chance to win a free piece of art Click here for details: www.theheartartist.com

Much Love to the world,


Debbie Marie Arambula

Your Heart Artist

Birthday of Our First Born Love Child!

29 Jan

Birth Day of Our First Born LOVE Child

Our First Born!Today is a very special day, the birthday of our first born love child. 31 years ago, at 1:54 pm, our beautiful first born son greeted us with more love in his heart than we could ever imagine. How could one baby open our hearts to a well of feelings that we never knew existed?

How could one baby make us feel so much more love and joy for each other?

It’s amazing when you give birth for the first time; the feelings and emotions that come over you in the experience. I remember it well. The night before, we were playing Uno at a church Pizza and Game Night event. That night I won almost every game in the house. It was so funny, here is this pregnant woman, ready to pop any second, playing Uno with about 9 other people and winning almost every hand. I knew something was special about that night . . .  I could feel it. That night we didn’t get home till about 1:30 am and around 2:30 am, my water broke. Now we were in for the adventure of a lifetime. Steve and I had done a ton of research and read about 5 books and decided to have a home birth. It was one of those decisions that just felt right, deep down to the core. So we hired a midwife and did all the necessary preparations for this event.

Around 6 am we called my parents and invited them to the event, of course the midwife knew she didn’t have to come quite yet. For hours I labored over each contraction like it was the last one, letting go of each, so that I could embrace the next. Funny but this little system that I developed worked like a charm and has gotten me through each of my three home births drug free. With every contraction I knew the baby was coming closer and closer to my arms and this comforted me.

BunnyAt the time of our beautiful baby’s arrival in the world, he was greeted by Steve, my Mom and Dad and our midwife, by my side, with deep love and admiration in their eyes, as they were given their first view of our first born son, their first born Grandson. My Dad had never seen a birth, as three my brothers and I were born in a time when men were not allowed to participate, AT ALL!

I remember the exact moment he was being born, the overwhelming feeling of joy, deep love, happiness and the feeling that I had just given birth to THE BEST GIFT I HAD EVER RECEIVED in the universe. And my heart OPENED up like a never ending ocean of love. And as my husband and I held him, and admired each other, the unspoken love between us grew, even more than we had felt just the day before.

Funny how birth of a baby transforms a life, a heart, a family and today is his birthday! I celebrate all his beauty, his sense of humor, his ability to cook with talented passion, his beautiful smile that melts my heart with joy, his smart, witty, brilliant mind, his multi-faceted abilities to create music and his light-hearted way of always protecting, providing and taking care of me. He is our Dano Mano, the little man that brought more love & joy to our lives than we could ever imagine.

Smilin' DanEven today, 31 years later, it is truly amazing to me that the love that Steve and I share could create such a miracle, Our First Born Love Child.

Happy Birthday Dano Mano,


Mom & Dad

Here is a picture of Daniel and Rachele getting married in Kauai a few years ago, and our other two babies! Ha!

All Our Kids!

The Heart Artist on Peace and Love inspired by Martin Luther King

16 Jan Peaces of a Dream by Debbie Marie Arambula www.theheartartist.com

Peaces of a Dream STORY

By Debbie Marie Arambula

Like a singer, my voice carries through each painting. Like a song, I tell my stories in color & rhythm. With each brush stoke, a note of energy, with each color, an emotional tone. Painting is my passion, inspiring others my dream, and when the two blend together, I create a masterpiece to the eye of the beholder.

Since a young girl, I have always been passionate about life, culture, dance, music, family & the condition of the world. Dance performance unleashed my deep need to express myself to others. In almost every dance creation, I had hoped to bridge the gap between races & cultures.

Born in 1960 & raised in a time when threat of war, human rights protests, Peace & Love were an integral topic of daily conversations. Fascinated by worldly culture & the weirdness I found in how some men & women judged and segregated other men, women & children of different colors. In the eyes of a child, IT NEVER MADE ANY SENSE TO ME! This observation has been the driving force behind all of my human rights pieces.

Passionate words of hope & inspiration of great leaders like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Teresa would mold my passionate, humanitarian heart forever. I remember listening to Martin Luther King on TV when I was very, very little & as my heart filled with hope, my eyes filled with the truth of his passionate speech and although I was so young I knew he was speaking truth. I knew that he was talking about hatred, non-acceptance of men and women of different colors and the current condition of human relationships across the planet. It was at that moment that I knew that I would dedicate my life’s work to bringing more love, hope & peace to the world.

Peace, what is it really? We all want it, we all crave it, we all demand it, we all search for it, and we all wish for it.  Peace is something that starts with you, within the corners of your own soul. When I think of the world in its current condition, and the simple message of loving that great leaders have carried on their shoulders for centuries, has become a dream-like goal.

For me, Peace is a daily activity of reaching from within, at every chance, and trying to treat others the way I would like to be treated.  Now I know the idea is SIMPLE beyond belief, and maybe to some, even childish. But with each day, if I can improve my tolerance, my patience, my love, my kindness, isn’t that creating world peace?

The opportunity for Peace knocks on our door every day and somehow, I truly believe that if enough of us try treating others the way you would want to be treated, we would create enough agreement & enough change that we will inspire a better world to live in for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren . . .

“We are all spiritual beings, we are the power of the love we create, the thoughts we think and the actions we do! Radiate Love! Shine baby Shine!” Debbie M. Arambula the heart artist

I invite your view on Peace and love and would love to hear WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!  JOIN THE CONVERSATION CLICK  “LEAVE A COMMENT” BELOW

Living the DREAM Artfully – 2015 Chicago Adventure

17 Jun
Two Artist Photographer and Painter Living the Dream Together

Two Artist Photographer and Painter Living the Dream Together

Living the Dream! In 2006 I had a dream of buying a motor home, traveling the country participating in the top fine art shows in the country. 6 months ago I got selected to in 5 award winning fine art shows in Chicago one of which is number 9th in the nation. Today we begin a long awaited adventure Living the Dream with eyes wide open! Preparing for this adventure has been somewhere in between chaos, deep exhaustion and fierce determination. NEVER GIVE UP on YOUR DREAMS EVER!!!!! For Real Time updates https://www.facebook.com/DebbieMarieArambula

House looks like a bomb went off

House looks like a bomb went off

Peet's Coffee in Morgan Hill California One for the Road

Peet’s Coffee in Morgan Hill California One for the Road

Reorganizing 16 foot art trailer

Reorganizing 16 foot art trailer to get ready for Chicago ART Tour

Discovering My Field of Dreams in Italy

28 Oct
The Glorious Bud of the Unborn Sunflower

The Glorious Bud of the Unborn Sunflower

Before cell phones, internet & Pinterest, my main resources for painting flowers, short of a real bouquet of flowers, and flowers from my own garden, was a camera and good old-fashioned picture books found at the local Campbell library. Although these tools assisted me for years and years,  my lifelong dream of traveling to Tuscany and taking my own photos of fields of Tuscan sunflowers, hillside  vineyards, old abandoned villas, the food, the people, the endless hillside vineyards, the Tuscan blue skies, the 1000-year-old churches . . . the fantasy of this adventure never left my side and almost haunted me with longing for years and years.

In 2007 my Mom and Dad surprised us kids with a trip to Tuscany to celebrate their 5oth Wedding Anniversary.

I was beside myself with excitement! Perhaps my sunflower field of dreams would come true . . .

Fields of Unborn Sunflowers in Orvieto,Umbria Italy

Fields of Unborn Sunflowers outside Orvieto in Umbria, Italy


Italian villa in Orvieto

Italian villa where we stayed outside Orvieto, Umbria

When we first arrived in Orvieto, a country village in Umbria,the very first thing I noticed were the fields of unborn, tall-stemmed sunflowers, bulging in green glory, just dying to bust open and burst into yellow explosions of colorful vitality.

Bud of the Sunflower in Orvieto, Umbria Italy

Bud of the sunflower in Orvieto.

My anticipation to see their glory was like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning! As each day went by, I would look for the first sunflower to burst open, and each day, the anticipation killed me. Finally, we asked one of the local shop owners, “Quando sono i girasoli a venire?” (“When are the sunflowers coming?”)
He turned to the calendar, lifted the page & pointed to July 2nd. My heart deflated like a balloon pricked with a sharp needle. We were leaving at the end of June and my dream was fading away.
But I never gave up. Every day I looked out the window to see if the sunflowers had greeted the morning sky. And each day they just weren’t ready to be born. When just 3 days before we were leaving Italy, my sister-in-law and brother ran into the villa with excitement that they saw fields and fields of sunflowers all along the highway, I looked up at Steve and he knew we would be going on a road trip, chasing my sunflower dream.

yellow green sunflower fields in Italy

Steve and I on a sunflower field photo shoot adventure in Italy

We traveled for miles & miles, and to my surprise, these bursting, glorious explosions of sun-filled surprise sprinkled the sides of the highway for miles on end. Happiness reigned my world, but to my shock, the future would hold the dreams beyond all dreams. Stay tuned for part three of this journey in my upcoming blog.

HWY EYE CANDY fields of Glory

Highway eye candy ~ Fields of Glory

See my Newest Sunflower Painting: Dancing Sunflowers


How I Met *Van Gogh* for the Very First Time

24 Oct
yellow sunflowers with green leafs painted on glass vintage window by debbie arambula painter of love

Reverse Glass Painting on Rescued Vintage Window ‘Sunflower Breeze’ by Debbie Arambula




















blue vase with yellow sunflowers green leafs reverse glass painting by debbie Arambula

Reverse Glass Painting on Rescued Vintage Window ‘Sunflower Magic’ by Debbie Arambula Painter of Love

When I first introduced sunflowers in my Reverse Glass Paintings on rescued vintage windows, people would stop dead in their tracks and say, “This reminds me of Van Gogh.” They would often comment that the passion they felt was raw and innocent, all at the same time. . . Even today, people compare me to Masters such as Monet, Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Matisse, Peter Max & Jim Dine.

How I met Van Gogh for the very first time. I am embarrassed to say, at that time in my career, I really did not know Van Gogh. As a self-taught artist, I really never studied artists & their works, and from the beginning of my career, I have always painted what I feel inside, not what I see. 18 years and 1000’s of paintings painted and sold later, what I feel always comes first and most likely, this is where Van Gogh and I are kindred spirits. He painted from the deepest part of his soul.

After this, I read about his journey, his trials, his tortured soul; to live in a time when others don’t understand or agree with your style of painting, to be so misunderstood, ridiculed & laughed at for painting differently, to have sold so few paintings in his lifetime and to never be recognized as one of the greatest painters of his time, until long years after his death, is a story that any artist worth their weight in gold can identify with.

Yes, we artists are *Living the DREAM*. We bear our naked imaginations to the world, open our hearts to ridicule and pioneer our way through critical comments, rejection, embarrassment and self-doubt. We adore and relish in the compliments, the great connections and most of all we love and appreciate our supportive art collectors.

For without you, my beloved collector, I would not be here now, sharing with you one of the greatest paintings I have ever painted:Check out my NEW Sunflower Painting


Join The Conversation: How do sunflowers inspire you? How has Van Gogh inspired your home, your décor, your spirit?

A special tribute to Van Gogh and the paints he used.
Before I set out to paint my newest series of Sunflowers I was approached by one to the largest art supply companies in the East Coast, “Jerry’s Artarama” They selected me to sponsor, giving me the gift of any paints I choose in exchange for a honest review of the paints and products. Perhaps it is ironic that I choose to use oil paints by Lukas, the very paint that Van Gogh selected for his paintings.
Lukas oil paints are of high quality, how could they be otherwise, the company has been around since 1862. The colors are more on the traditional side than I am used to, but never the less the paint was creamy and luscious to paint with. I would highly recommend you giving them a try for your next masterpiece!

Check out my newest Painting: Sunflower Link


9 Sep

Flowers are one of nature’s best gifts. They inspire you, they celebrate you and we use them to celebrate all aspects and occasions in life. Flowers have been one of my muses for years. Over the next 6 months I will be painting a series of flowers.

I am honored to share with you that as of August 2014, Jerry’s Artarama is a proud sponsor of my flower series.

Jerry’s ARTARAMA is a family owned business and one of the largest art supply companies on the East Coast. They believe wholeheartedly in art and artists. In fact, art mogul David Goldstein, CEO, is a firm believer that art can change the world.

I am documenting this entire journey via pictures and videos. I will be sharing with you my experience in using oil paints, gesso’s, brushes, oil mediums… sponsored by Jerry’s ARTARAMA and sharing the adventure with you!

Many people have a hard time believing that I paint my flowers with my hands and fingers but it is true. For me, to paint with my hands and fingers is the greatest gift I can give you, plus it is fun and I love the end result!

Jerry’s Artarama was founded in 1968 when Jerry Goldstein opened his own art supplies and materials store in Long Island, N.Y., introducing discount pricing to budding and established artists. Jerry believed in treating customers like family, a tradition that still continues. Today, Jerry’s offers more than 70,000 top-quality art materials at direct savings – as much as 75 percent off traditional retail on products from the industry’s top art manufacturers, as well as Jerry’s own exclusive product lines via an online retail store, art supply catalog, and Jerry’s Artarama Superstores. In addition, Jerry’s Artarama serves as an artist resource by providing instructional workshops; new art supply demos; and special art-related events, including the Art of the Carolinas Tradeshow, an annual event held in Raleigh, N.C., Jerry’s Artarama’s corporate headquarters. For additional information, please visit http://www.jerrysartarama.com.

Why I want to Spreading Love thru ART Inspiring Children across America

8 Aug

Kids are the Future! And without art their imaginations get rusty!

Nurturing Creativity, Empowering Kids and Communities Through Art is my life’s dream

Feb 17th 2013 Spread the Love Campaign at Heartworks Gallery in downtown Campbell California

Feb 17th 2013 Spread the Love Campaign at Heartworks Gallery in downtown Campbell California

For 18 years, I have traveled the country, participating in 100’s of art shows, bringing happiness to people of all ages worldwide through my whimsical colorful artwork. I have owned my own gallery and over the years my art has traveled to countries far and wide. Yes painting rocks my world! But inspiring kids and people to love and treat each other with compassion, kindness is what my heart art is all about. Spreading more love through art is my way of inspiring community spirit, creativity, compassion and kindness in the world!

My Personal Story: I remember when I was a little girl, I knew wholeheartedly, that I could be or do anything! Unfortunately, my dream for becoming an artist died at the age of five. I recall sitting in kindergarten, creating the most AMAZING piece of art I had ever created. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to be an artist! I looked up at my teacher and told her “I want to be an artist”! She looked at me, with a very concerned face and said, “Oh honey, artists don’t make money, and you need to ‘make money’ to live.” Sadly enough, little people take words to heart. I honestly thought she meant I had to “Make Money”, like paint pictures of money or something like that, and it made me so sad, angry and confused. I didn’t want to ‘Make Money’, I wanted to make art! I decided I could never be an artist!

My Life’s dream shriveled up into a hidden corner of my heart that day, like a little dormant flower, hoping to find the sun! It wasn’t until the age of 35 that little flower burst into bloom, and a little girl’s dream was re-kindled. Sad to say, the stultification of creativity riddles our society, our schools, our families, our corporations. And even worse the dreams, aspirations and creativity level of children, teenagers & adults get crushed every day.

I believe that living a life of happiness comes down to two simple principles: creativity and making good choices, by measuring your actions against how you yourself would like to be treated. Inspiring kids to use these two concepts during my Spread the Love Through Art workshop is powerful. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds in schools, art has become an exclusive activity for those that can afford it.

3 years ago, I started my Spread the Love Campaign as a pilot. I gave FREE art sessions to over 600 people, from 2 to 79 years old. I did it every chance I could, in between a busy life of running a gallery and traveling to participate in fine art shows across the country. I did it in front of my gallery, at farmers markets, for community groups, Girl Scout troops, in public schools. IT WAS A BLAST! I provided my time & energy, all the art supplies, and my 17 years of experience as a successful painter. And WOW, DID I inspire! Children & adults of all ages picked up paint brushes and painted up a flurry of creativity. Smiles grew and happiness flourished, and a few children looked up at me and told me they wanted to be any artist. AND OF COURSE I SAID, “GOOD! WE NEED MORE ARTISTS IN THE WORLD!”

Sm Debbie Arambula Spread the love Campaign at Heartworks Gallery  IMG_1101

“Not Forgotten” Red, White and Blue *Heart Art to Celebrate Veterans*

3 Jul

Celebrating FREEDOM FOR ALL! Happy 4th of JULY 2014!

"Not Forgotten" red, white and blue Heart Art. Patriotic love and pride by Debbie Arambula

“Not Forgotten” red, white and blue Heart Art. Patriotic love and pride by Debbie Arambula

Traveling across the USA, from San Francisco to North Carolina, I am constantly reminded of how amazing, kind-hearted & downright friendly people are. One for one, from Arkansas to Amarillo, the places we have visited and the people we’ve met have inspired me in ways I have yet to realize.

With lush lands of beauty, from the blue skies of Asheville to the open fields in Oklahoma, each town is filled with people like you and me, with their own unique style of talking, walking, dressing, dreaming, hoping, struggling, living with, living without…

And despite any trials in life, this middle America is sprinkled with the pleasant sound of “Yes mam” and the warm hearted intentions of “Ya’ll come back now”. With a church on almost every corner, this trip has been more than enlightening!

As an artist, sometimes I feel like I am in the center of the Universe, feeling, seeing, and perceiving what most don’t and sometimes like there’s a lot of weight on my shoulders to express all the emotion I feel in one painting. In some cases it comes out in many paintings. And in my artistic attempt to provide you a visual, poetic description, in the form of brushstrokes and color, I strive to bring to life, in the form of a painting, all my feelings, inspirations, emotions to encourage more love, more hope.  “Not Forgotten” was painted years ago, yet it was never publically released until now. The original so appropriately sold to a wonderful collector, just 2 weeks before the launch of my Nationwide Tour and Spread the LOVE Campaign.

Debbie Arambula beginging Red, White and Blue painting on July 4th 2011

Debbie Arambula beginning Red, White and Blue painting on July 4th 2011

After 9/11, I drew a series of pieces that would be created as time marched on.  “Not Forgotten” was not painted until June of 2011, on November 11, 2013, I released it quietly to the World, in Honor of our Veterans, HOME of the BRAVE and with a deeper meaning behind “Land of the FREE”. With each paint stroke, I filled the canvas with good old fashioned American Pride, togetherness, sisterhood, community-hood and down home, countrified brotherhood of goodness, to inspire a better life for all.  Notice the 9 stars & 11 stripes. Land of the FREE: The blue star represents you. We are the only ones that can create our Land of the Free. So don’t stop believing in our country, and contribute to the betterment of your own town, city, community. Whether you live in Arkansas, or Alabama, New Mexico or New York, San Francisco or Hawaii, we are all in this together. We make the World we live in.

"Not Forgotten" red, white and blue by Debbie Arambula

“Not Forgotten” red, white and blue by Debbie Arambula

See details on this NEW RELEASE: “Not Forgotten” heart art on canvas

Inspired by the Bravery of men and women from all over the world I honor Veterans "Home of the BRAVE" Celebrating them in their quest to protect our "Land of the free" with all of my heart!

Inspired by the Bravery of men and women from all over the world I honor Veterans “Home of the BRAVE” Celebrating them in their quest to protect our “Land of the free” with all of my heart!

Perhaps this is why this piece is an honor to not only Veterans that have lived and died for the fight of freedom, but subliminally tied into 9/11, as I feel that neither should be forgotten!

I do believe that we are in this together, and that something can always be done about any situation in life. And more importantly, when we step outside of ourselves to give help, support and brotherly love to another, being true to our country, our nation, we make the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave possible.

With all of my hearts I honor all those that dedicate their life to the betterment of the World!

Debbie Arambula



Beyond the Boundaries *Purple Heart ART*

30 Jun


Purple Heart Art, Beyond the Boundaries by Debbie Arambula

Since a very young age, I always believed we are all artists in our own way and life is our GIANT canvas. Paint brushes our bright imaginations open to colors of possibility of our dreams. But when life kicks you around, sometimes that imagination dies away and we forget the simple truth: If you believe you cannot, you will not, if you believe you can, you will.
My life as an artist has been far from easy; someday I may share a deeper part of my journey. Happiness comes from within your own ability to believe and do what it takes to make your dream come true, and from a constant willingness to never give up. And for sure, taking care of ourselves is vital to our spiritual, mental & physical health.
Yes, I have the will power & support from my loving family and friends to push beyond all boundaries and barriers that stop me, but easy it IS NOT! People say, “Oh you are so lucky to be doing what you want in life.” YES, I am VERY GRATEFUL for my life and the people in it, but luck has NOTHING to do with it! The simple truth is that I live my paintings, I live my words. YES I am blessed in so many ways, and every day, I acknowledge this. But the simple truth is I create my life the way I want it to be every step of the way and everything I have earned in this life was because I believed it and I did the work to make it happen.
The lifestyle of an artist who cares about the World the way I do is not for the idle, the dim witted, nor the faint of heart. I love my life; I love all of you in it.
I was sitting in my art studio this morning, finding myself staring at “Beyond the Boundaries”, almost mesmerized. I felt a sense of calmness in knowing that this circle of life is an evolution of getting through each boundary with growth, openness and healing, and coming out the other end stronger, wiser and happier. Creating a simple life with activities and people in it that enhance my survival is all I am after. But I too know that when one experiences the traps or barriers in life, one can feel frozen and a sort of sadness can wash over you, and rising above these barriers can feel like you’re carrying a 500lb weight on your back. Aches and pains nag at you like a long lost friend you wish you never had.
Sometimes in the process you find yourself recreating your vision and sometimes a revised version of you!
‘Beyond the Boundaries’ is elegant, simple, powerful, clean, open & beautiful, like you. It is a symbol that represents our heart’s journey and a reminder to be kind to yourself, nurture the people and activities that increase your happiness, treat your bright, beautiful imagination like you would a 5 year old and let your pallet of paints flow. And most of all, may you always find your beautiful voice of strength to create your life the way you want it to be, every time you look at this heart!
As you may know, this piece is very precious to me. The original edition is sold out and I only have 30 left in the entire edition. Today I am releasing 15 of the 30. Since 2014 is the “Year of LOVE” (that’s what I call it), I have decided to release it at prices and sizes that should make you do a happy dance.

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*Loss into Gain*

1 Jun

Loss into Gain
Life is a funny thing… you go down your path, doing the things you do, building your dreams, making mistakes, having wins, experiencing loses, and all along the way, you bump into people that touch you in an extraordinary way. You know, those kind of people that are like family.
You love them in your journey as your paths cross, and sometimes your paths alter and they are not in your daily life, but you will always love them. They are the kind of friend that at any given moment, you can reach out your hand and laugh, exactly the way you did 20 years ago. And then you carry on your path of life with all its busyness and one day you find they are gone, left this earth, no longer to laugh with, play with and create magic together. At first you are shocked, possibly stricken with loss, grief, anger, sadness and how do you deal with such a thing? You didn’t get to say goodbye, you didn’t get to say I love you and all the things that run through your head and heart. . .
Since I was twelve, it never made since to me that you live on this earth and then you just die randomly, at some randomly chosen time… no disrespect here to anyone’s religious beliefs. I am just sharing what I know to be true. I mean really, is that all there is to life? Live and die at the age of 75, 82, 92? And then what? I do not believe this to be true. So for me, when someone dies that I dearly love, I locate them and tell them the things I need to say and I listen to them for the things they need to say to me, and we come full circle. I know that because we love each other, our paths will cross again. I am totally certain of that.
But what do you do with the loss feeling, the sadness.. You give more love away, you let other special people know how much you appreciated them, you just give love, openly, honestly and in abundance. Call your brothers, your sisters, your best friends, your cousins, your mom, your dad, your uncles and auntie’s and tell them you love them and that you are glad they have been in your life and that they have touched you in ways that no one ever could. That it is because of their special magic that you are the way you are….
And even in this moment, I am grieving a loss yet rejoicing for having met her, having loved her and having her love me back, having him share his spirit with me, having had good times together. Show your love & appreciation every chance you get. All people are unique. They have gifts that they offer like spices that make a delicious dish; each on their own is wonderful, but together we are extraordinary. Celebrate your spirit, you are extraordinary and you can produce love just in a smile, a hug and kind gesture. Give it away in abundance and let your light shine brightly!

This blog is in honor of our “Uncle Wendy” (Wendy Doven Friend), and our dear friend “Dick” (Richard Earl Smith). Both artists & musicians whom never met each other, but for whom I am attending both funerals in the same weekend, and both extraordinary beings that have touched my life in so many ways. Thank you Wendy and thank you Dick!
Thank you to Al Fabrizio and Hugo Wainzinger from HeartstringsMusic.com for serenading the heart artist soul!


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