What Does World Needs NOW?

“We are all in this together” but haven’t we always been? From the beginning of time there is Good vs Evil, Facts vs Lies… Living vs Dying, Thriving vs Succumbing…

IMG_3535No matter the color, race, religion, we all experience life and livingness, its barriers, trials, tribulations, losses, ugliness’s & beauty.

This human adventure is a common ground for all.

Ideas come in many forms: The pros, the cons, the good, the bad, his reality her reality. The attitude in which we form ideas & opinions depends on our own personal experience and our revelations in the journey.

And as we are all playing this game of life together, like a movie; we have our own script, our own journey and are the actor/actress of the main role in our life.

So what does the world need now? Yes of course LOVE, but what is love really?

2018 Debbie's iphone 011In these times I think the greatest love that could be spread out to the world is to “Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you” Kind of a simple, you get to define what that means to you. And when you approach it from that point of view it is easy to see how to handle most any situation in life. For me LOVE means to Speak in truth, be honest, be trust worthy and each one of these actions all go hand in had in creating a better world.

San Diego Festival of the Arts


See how this Flag Heart Art was Created: What the World Needs Now in the making

Inspired years ago from a booklet call The Way To Happiness by L.Ron Hubbard this one precept has inspired me greatly Check out this video on: Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you

LOVE Changes everything! 

With love ALWAYS,

Debbie Arambula

Join the Conversation: What do are you inspired to do to make the difference in these times? https://www.facebook.com/theheartartist/

Want to see my art?https://www.debbiearambula.com/art-prints-canvas

WHY is Debbie So passionate about spreading love? https://youtu.be/FTAQPlo8VRM

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