Public ART with HEART~Part 1

In 1996 I was invited by Communities for a Better Envioronment & the City Of Campbell to paint a mural over a very visable 100 foot wall on San Tomas Expressway. This particular wall kept getting hit with graffi and it was a menace to the esthitics of the environment. This was very early in my art career and I had never painted a mural, but my passion for creating a beautiful impact on both the city and the spirt of the Director of the CFBE, Denise was all I needed to get it done! Not only that but together we organized a “Paint In Day” with over 75 people from 2 to 72, including the Mayor Dan Furtado and members of the Chamber of Commerce came to paint with us on this saturday afternoon.  It was a spectacular success and the town, the chamber, the city were proud.  P.S. Yes I was Mrs. Campbell International 1996, but thats another blog for another day. 🙂


Then in 2004 I was personally selected to paint a heart for the “Hearts in San Fransico” foundation by Ellen Magnin Newman herself. (Joseph Magnins daughter) Artists were selected to create works of art to benefit the General Hospital.

It was in this project that I was deeply inspired to dedicated my art to “Human Rights” and all the Italian immigrants and other cultures that came to San Fransico with nothing on their backs. They believed in a better life and a free life, something I am very passionate about. This piece is called Farfalle del Mio Cuore, Italian for ” Butterflies of My Heart” is a narrative piece showing a butterfly carrying a heart on its back over the world. The trill of doing such an important project and be one of the first 100 artist to embark on this brilliant activity was overwhelming. I remember the day the 700 lb steal heart was delivered. From delivery to unvieling PURE JOY!  My heart was the only one sponsored by the world head quarters of Bank of America and was on display in Yerba Buena Park and then moved next to Jim Dines Heart in the financial district and then it sold at SBC park and all the money went to the hospital.

Watch the slide show for your enjoyment.


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A special interview with founders of the project Nancy Bechtle & Ellen Magnin Newman

Stay tuned for the part 2 on Public Art with Heart where I reveal a project I have been working on a mural project for over a year for Hollywood……


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