Unfolding Purity in a moment of Clarity

Inside Purity
Purity Close Up

Years ago I was sitting in my art studio trying something new. My art studio was in Historic Downtown Campbell, California. I shared the studio with a lovely artist soul sister, Carolyn Larsen. And we created a Goddess Haven a magical place, where time paused and creativity abound. Perhaps that it sat in the center of a quaint little courtyard next to 9 other little eclectic shops. Either way, it was a slice of heaven.

Sm Debbie at studio with glass painting
Debbie’s first public Art Studio, holding one of her reverse glass paintings in a rescued vintage window

Little did I know one night in 2006 I would birth a new spiritual style of flower paintings that I would paint with my hands and fingers only. One of my first pieces in this new series would stop many in their tracks to ponder a deeper meaning of life.

As a self-taught artist, every painting right from the get-go has been an experiment of emotion to a canvas. Tonight was no different and like a child dancing across the canvas with fingers, gently using oil to express the flow of my emotions the purity of my heart and soul unfolded like a three-dimensional sculpture overthrowing the white canvas into a masterpiece.  This series is called “The Rebirth Series”.

Purity 36 x 48 Oil Painting by Debbie Arambula

“Purity” is the first piece captured on a small snippet of film. (Unfortunately, my camera fell before I realized it and so I didn’t catch the entire painting on film)

“Purity” has been dying to escape the creativity chambers of my mind for many years.  I discovered the Mexican Poppy while driving to Yosemite about 15 years ago. The bright white petals with a sunburst of yellow in the center, so delicate, so frilly, so simple, so fragile, yet its hardy stem to withstand the deep heat of the summer and the coolness of the mountain range.

Such as life, change takes place when you least expect it and the next morning you rise and wonder how you will make it through this new adventure. You contemplate as your soul searches for the truth in this new misfortune or this new opportunity. Its all in how you view it, survive or succumb that is the question.

You wonder WHY? HOW?…….. And you sway in the wind, fragile white pedals, sturdy stem and you find your way to truth, your truth and you rise above, open, honest trusting the journey, trusting yourself. Purity is about your truth, your integrity your openness to growth, life, love and all the adventures life has to offer.

For me painting with hands and fingers allows me to give you the deepest part of my soul. I wish you peace, love & strength in your journey always and forever.


Debbie Arambula


Currently, all of Debbie Arambula’s original oil and acrylic flower paintings are sold except Purity and two others. This original oil painting is now available for sale.

Call Katie Arambula (408) 370-7278 for more information


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