Is Art a Reflection of the Soul?

Art That Speaks To You

Contemporary Master Painter Debbie Arambula shares what she believes is important about art and color trends for 2023

“Recently I was doing some research on 2023 art trends. I like to do this from time to time and see where it takes me. For the past 26 years I have never painted with trends in mind, my imagination has always been my muse and led my heart to the next painting.  Things like current times, life situations and my own spiritual awakenings have always been a catalyst that drives my motivation in creating anything. And honestly no two artists are alike, one can emulate and replicate but just as each person in the world is unique so is it with art and interpretations of the Heart.

From rare reverse glass paintings to huge highly texturized paintings I have always painted what my imagination conjures up.

Yes, for sure, the main core of my art since 2004 has been in the shape of a hearts; big bold, colorful, whimsical & energy filled happy hearts, in a million different designs capturing love and the human spirit in its many facets.

I have always believed that art is a reflection of the soul.

Vineyard Breeze-Reverse Glass Painting & Love Potion #3 Oil abstract realism

When I assist a customer in selecting a piece of art my primary goal is to help them find the piece that speaks the loudest to them. I work from a spiritual base when it comes to this.

It’s never about the money or the size or how to find a piece to match your sofa but rather selecting art that speaks to them.  And I am good at helping people select not because I am a “SALESWOMEN” but because I have integrity in the process.

I know for a fact that the power of my art will reverberate back to them when hanging in their home because it is a reflection of them, their goals, their values, their pleasure moments and thus the art gives power by enhancing one’s emotional tone while at the same time assisting you in celebrating your love of life.

In my opinion this is vital as it enhances not just the esthetics of your home but uplifts your heart. This has always been the intention behind my Paintings.

Art that speaks to the heart and makes the viewer feel embraced in love.

Right from the get-go I felt that LOVE is the center of everything we do in life and so it gave way for me to spin a positive light on all matters of the heart.  

Whether I am painting a flower, a landscape, a heart or an ocean I am focus is on a spiritual unexplainable energy that lifts you.  

2023 I am expanding my realm of colorful paintings to more hearts, oceans, abstracts & flowers and who knows what else will come to me.  I am working on 4 new pieces as we speak so be on the lookout for the release date.

Anyhow, I enjoy seeing what the experts have to say about the art trends in 2023. I find it helpful and thought I would share some important points in the articles. The articles are fascinating and validate everything I believe about the importance of art.

With Custom pieces on the rise, I thought I would let you know that I have literally painted 1000’s custom paintings (oils, acrylics and mixed media) for customers all over the world.

I love painting commissioned pieces of art that are made just for you and I am good at it.

I am known as Contemporary Master Painter and a Master Colorist What does that mean, it means that I am really, really, good at color combinations and that my works are known for the intricate color combinations and design elements.  

Also, I have been commissioned to paint landscapes, flowers, heart portraits, oceans, glass paintings and more and have a ton of references if needed.

In these times and in this place, I can take on only a few commissions throughout the year. I am available by phone or text for any questions you may have about a custom piece in your favorite colors.

Whether you’re interested in me painting your favorite vacation spot,  Family Heart Portrait, your favorite flower or your most romantic ocean spot, you name it, I love having conversations about your ideas and there is never an obligation to buy”.

I only have 4 spots open for special pricing on a Custom Commissioned Painting, painted just for you! I can be reached best on the phone at (408) 370-7278

Hope this new year finds you inspired for a whole new level of positive adventures in your life!

Happy New Year!

Much Love,

Debbie Arambula

ENJOY 3 current articles regarding art and color trends for 2023:

Find connectionThe biggest key in selecting the right artwork is finding a piece that speaks to you. Sure, there may be one wall art piece which picks up on the colors in your accent pillows, but if you aren’t crazy about it, what is the point? This is art, after all; you should love it and want to see it daily. Think of your living room as a gallery that you are in charge of curating. What do you want it to say about you and your home? Ideally, the art in it should reflect who you are and mean something. Even if it is a painting of a destination, you have never been to or an abstract, if it reminds you of a particular place or if it makes you feel calm and relaxed, then having it on the wall will bring a positive feeling into the space.”

This is the art you should invest in for your home, according to designers “The artwork you choose to display in your home is an enormously personal choice and one that will absolutely affect your home’s design aesthetic. You don’t want to just throw a few wooden boards with cliche words up on the wall and call it a farmhouse chic design, right? Instead, your artwork should express who you are and the environment you want to live in. When choosing decorative artwork for your walls, there’s no wrong answer, as long as the pieces speak to you.”

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ 2023 Color Palette Is Full of Vintage-Inspired Charm “Romantic and nostalgic, the Vintage Homestead collection embraces the comforts of the past. Comprised of 10 earthy tones — including the Color of the Year, Darkroom — the palette mixes and matches to create a look that effortlessly balances modern style with tradition. Here’s how you can use it in your own space.”


Hidden Rhythm Celebration

36 x 36 Original Acrylic

Peaceful Paradise~ 40 x 36 Giclee Print on Canvas
Souls Inspiration 36 x 36 Giclee Print on Canvas

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