Embracing Hurricane Ian with Creativity

Living on Planet Earth provides many adventures from Earthquakes to Hurricane’s, from Tornados to Fires. There is a whole set of emotions that come with the territory and believe me fear is one of them to overcome. Just in the last 6 days so many life lessons have come into play, each one giving me strength and courage to face the upcoming adventure.

We go through things we have never been through and with each step we learn to become more cause over the unknown.

When I first heard about Hurricane Ian, of course I was afraid. I have never been through one and living in an RV, I kept getting a visual of “Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ”. So after doing many calculation risks on which direction to take and trying to navigate 5 weather apps, I finally settled on two that keep me informed. Thank goodness for the comfort & direction of some close Floridian friends!

Then after moving my RV three times to get into the best possible position for event, I can now honestly say I am safely located in Clearwater, Florida in a huge house with my friend Sherry.

Like earthquakes in California there are learning curves with Hurricane’s in Florida. And moments when we are faced with losing the objects we love, coming to grips with the most important to me, was myself, my person, not my RV, nor VW or any earthly belongings. Perhaps everyone comes to this conclusion when faced with a natural disaster. This was a calming and secure place to arrive, mentally and spiritually.

A few weeks ago I started a little game with myself to create 30 paintings in 30 days. Despite all distractions I would paint one painting a night or maybe more. Well Life has its way of distractions and this one is a biggie. Anyhow, I am giving myself permission to paint whatever I want, any color and style. The primary goal is to just create freely without any predetermined plans. I have to say it is super fun and very liberating. Kind of like letting go. No pressure, no plan, just creation!

Sonoma Mexican Poppy Original on watercolor paper

So this morning when I went LIVE on Facebook to share the experience of the storm I thought what better time then to release the 6 I have painted in the past few weeks.

These pieces are to remind us of the simple pleasures in life. Flowers represent so many things. They are celebratory of life, love and special occasions. There is no better time to shine then the present and no better time to share your light of love with joyful beautiful things that bring you happiness.

These colorful one of kind originals paintings are all on watercolor paper.

See the collection on Sale Now : https://www.debbiearambula.com/hot-off-the-brush

6 thoughts on “Embracing Hurricane Ian with Creativity

  1. So glad you’re safe. Was good to get an email and know you’re okay. I’ve admired your work and hope to get one of these new pieces


  2. Debbie

    I’m so glad to hear that your are ok!!!
    I was so, worried about you and two other friends, one in Largo and other in Jacksonville.

    Keep posting….love you



  3. Hi Deb. Your California friends I know are happy to hear from you and know you are fine. I saw your post as the storm was coming in but had not heard from you again until this 10/1 post & I was very happy to see it. You have a great attitude. Keep painting & smiling.


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