All Things that Glitter Fit for a Princess

As you know I recently moved to Florida and purchased a new manufactured home. Well after living in the RV since April I am happy to say I am moving into my new home in just a few days. I am beyond excited to say the least!

Now in Florida having fans all throughout the home is vital to ones happiness! Honestly I live comfortably only because I go from one air conditioned environment to another. Yes from the RV to the Car, from the Car to the store and on it goes…..

Anyhow, this is the first time in my life that I am creating my own home, and I have to tell you I am starting to really have fun… As you may know or may not know I love vintage, shabby chic and my taste is eclectic and my paintings are colorful, vibrant and full of life energy, to say the least! So keeping my walls toned down is a must, so that the art can shine.

With that said, I am princess when it comes to romance and I love bling in my home, you could say I am obsessed with Chandeliers and furniture that reflects this romantic shabby chic Heart of mine! Although I own 5 chandeliers, I need fans too!

So I decide to combine function with Bling and look what I found! OMG OMG OMG! I am beyond excited! One will go in my living room and one in my bedroom…

I am so curious, How do you like to decorate your home? What colors inspire you? Incase you need some inspiration visit my website for art that inspires and uplifts:

As I get ready to move into my new home, I am having a fun impromptu “Moving Open Studio Sale” over Labor Day weekend. If your not on my VIP List make sure to join here:

Wait till you See my NEW Vintage Couch, in my next blog 🙂 Until then enjoy everyday and count your blessings.



The Heart Artist

One thought on “All Things that Glitter Fit for a Princess

  1. Love the chandeliers! (my spelling sucks, I know!) I am soooo happy for you and your new home!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!


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