The Untold Stories of The Heart Artist

“Knights of Bravery” by Debbie Arambula -All Copy Rights Apply-

In 2018, I set out to design and paint a mural in Hollywood. Despite the massive “Red Tape” and honestly no time in my schedule, I persisted.

The Purpose was high, the pay was low and the passion was on fire! Each step of the way I pushed through and to summarize: through many meetings, late nights sketching, more meetings, more red tape and a 3.5 month East Coast tour in between it all.

The design got started in my backyard in Morgan Hill California and finished in Arizona at a dear friends home.  It was shipped over night to be approved by a bunch of Officials and different city departments.

I managed to get the design unanimously approved by everyone, except I had to take the word “Hollywood” out. Some copy right issue. I said No Problem and took the word Hollywood out. 

2018 Debbie's iphone 825.JPG

The design honors America our red white and blue and gives gratitude those that protect us. I have great respect for Firefighters and First Responders. If you know me, you know how passionate I am about this subject! A simple design was created, as the walls are bridge walls 3 feet tall by 250 feet long.  Short and LONG  the design had to be simple yet impactful. 

2018 Debbie's iphone 824.JPG

Basically I gave it my heart and soul to say the least. What most may not know is that artist can go through adventures that your never aware of, sometime art and artist can be suppressed by bureaucratic situations. This is not a new story but rather a historical fact. 

Artist breath life into our culture open heartedly and sometimes passionate projects get caught between city and state officials.  And poof the project disappears, the art never seen.

Any how I got to the last step “The Contract” and an the city wanted me to sign ALL my artists rights over. And I said no! It is also a fact that a lot of artist’s give up their rights just to do art. I however at that moment in my life said NO! As an artist I feel that my Integrity is as vital as my life. 

The contract got rewritten as they respected my wishes. And by the way I was the first one in LA to ever get that approved. Unfortunately the city and state still had a battle and the mural was never done. I am not writing this so that you feel bad but rather the opposite.  I made silent history that was never known because the mural never got painted. Artist work hard to make a more beautiful world, they are beings that see things from a unique set of eyes. If you are an Artist be true to you! YOU ARE VALUABLE! 

I know at some point this mural will be painted…. But just in case I wanted you to see what I created in honor of the Hollywood Firefighters and First Responders. But until then I will continue to create paintings on canvas for all to enjoy! 

Check out my Patriotic Colorful Art here:


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