Creativity Trumps Adversity

Creativity TRUMPS Adversity

Yesterday my dear friend Heather was listening to all my woes about the Florida storms, the lightening, the thunder so loud it shakes my RV like a small earthquake… And she shared a little quote that hit my heart like an arrow of truth, to face adversity with creativity!

I thought OMG! YES! That is exactly how I usually roll through adversity… but somehow in between all the 1000 tiny little changes in my life since moving from California and the unexpected timeline of living in my 32-foot RV since April 25th, I got caught up in the storms of it all.

Now don’t get me wrong, anyone that knows me, knows I am tough, strong, bright, and brave. Like, how many women artist’s do you know that would uproot their life and drive a huge motor home across the entire country to begin a new life adventure? It seems a lot of us are doing this across the country!

Some of us are pioneering our way to new lands. Change inspires us, challenges us and the growing pains of expansion into areas we have never explored can bring on a whole new level of uncertainty and fear.

I think we can all testify that FEAR STULTIFIES CREATIVITY!

Sometimes in life, we jump off cliffs with a parachute of plans and bright ideas and sometimes the weather and economic climate knocks us to our knees, but when we get back up and use creativity to empower our dreams and we win! That’s the secret sauce of WINNING!

And like you all my magic comes from a sort of free creativity that is sometimes born from a phoenix. And when we rise above our fears or just plain IGNORE THEM creativity shines and ripples out.  

As a passionate artist, I am passionate about us all winning! I am dedicated to creating happy colorful paintings to inspire you and stimulate creativity and increase your love of life.

Despite all the adversity I am surrounded by Oceans in Florida! Literally I drive by them every day. Oceans have the power to center us, bring calm, create space and a sense of peace and joy. They allow us to breath spiritually and connect to life in ways we can’t explain.  

INTRODUCING my new painting from my Serenity Ocean Series, “Peaceful Oasis”

As I evolve in this new life, ebbing and flowing like the waves of the ocean,

I choose my creativity to outshine the adversity.

I hope this series inspires you to Let your creativity shine brightly and trump the adversity with art that inspires you!

I currently am accepting commissions for your Ocean Painting.

Call for details (408) 370-7278

Shop Ocean Oasis Here

Shop Here:

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