My New Home away from Home, a back drop for Inspiration

Holiday KOA in Tarpon Springs, Florida

My new home away from home, my backdrop for inspiration. What I know about myself is that finding a beautiful spot to land is a vital part of feeling like your home. I am extremely picking about this point! I literally didn’t feel comfort on this journey alone across the county, until about 9 days ago when I landed in an RV Resort in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

California is known for its beauty and diversity, from mountains to oceans, from vineyards to deserts my entire life has been inspired by her breath taking beauty! I adore California and always will.

Growing up in Cali, I was raised in beautiful environments. My parents always found homes in good neighborhoods with good schools and often we lived next door to cousins, aunts and uncles. Great memories to say the least.

Sonoma County, California

My mom, Patsy and dad, Rocci always provided us with pools in the backyard, my brothers and I spent most all of summers in the pool. We were considered fish! How blessed we are to have parents that love so much, care so much. I am grateful beyond any words for my brilliant hardworking self-made parents!

Rocci and Patsy (mom and dad) married for 64 years 2022

The one thing I know is that my parents never settled for homes that were not in beautiful surroundings.

And my moms decorating skills always led to inspiration inside and out the home. Blessed for sure, this is how I was raised! As an artist, esthetics are the life energy of my heart, beauty has the power to heal, change one’s perspective, enlighten, uplift and most of all inspire one down to the core. This aspect of artful living has been an integral part of my upbringing and is a vital part of finding a home.

Like California, Florida is BEAUTIFUL for sure, but not every RV Resort feeds one soul! And if I am going to be here for a month or two while finding my home, It needs to feel like my home away from home!

Like my Italian ancestors, coming by boat to San Francisco for the first time, into the unknown, in blind faith, believing that dreams come true in America, I find my self in the same boat, while finding my home away from home.

Great Grandma & Grandpa Cancilla

No matter where ever I end up in Florida, I am deeply grateful for the love of my family, the 1000’s of gifts my parents have given me along the way. There is no doubt I am a California Girl heart and soul, but the Beauty of Florida is opening a whole new passion in my heart and is becoming my home away from home.

5 thoughts on “My New Home away from Home, a back drop for Inspiration

      1. Thank you my blessed daughter! I wish for you all the success in the world. Love, dad!


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