The Calling I couldn’t ignore~ Fish out of water

Moving from California to Florida Part 2– “The calling I couldn’t ignore- Fish Out of Water”

Although it may seem to you, that I have jumped off a cliff, let me make it known, I did not make this decision to move to Florida on a whim! I weighted it all out very carefully, for 3 years. And when I knew in February 2022, that this was my next play in the exciting game of life, I just had to move on it!

I decided to sell my house and before it even got on the market, I had interest. And the bitter sweet adventure of letting go of my lovely, cozy home, artistic home with vaulted ceilings, an open floor plan and a magical tree in the backyard began.

I kept myself busy and committed to the journey and went into MASSIVE action. I packed till the wee hours everyday! And my house sold fast! I put my precious earthly belongings into pods and shipped them off to Tampa in PODS!

During this massive amount of activity there little time to think about anything! Every thing in my home was scrutinized, Keep, Sell, Give Away were the mantra in my head! Packing every moment of every day, getting rid of anything I didn’t have to have and repeat. This was the song I sang for 2 months straight!

Oregon Visit with Ruby Jane- A sign-Heart in the sky!

I was exhausted to say the least! I made a quick trip to see my son Dan, my adorable daughter in law Rachele and my sweet Ruby Jane and we had the best time building forts, doing arts and crafts and eating Dan’s amazing gourmet meals!

At the tail end of my move, my 2 youngest, Nick and Katie came to rescue me and I must say it was the most beautiful 3 days of hard work, lots of laughter to help me move into the next phase of my life. One night we sat outside under the sparkly lights and just talked and laughed. It was the PERFECT last night in home, like a giant hug goodbye!

Then I moved into my Roaming chariot (My RV “Valentina”) and went to Santa Rosa for a week, to be with my cousin Annie, enjoying wine tasting at my favorite winery in the world (Russian River Vineyards) and to catch my breath before embarking across the USA.  Since I was a little girl, Santa Rosa has always my go to spot for breathing! 

The thing about life is that it is ours to make the decisions, we are the game changers and there are moments when we ask ourselves, what if?

And like a blank canvas, life is for creating and we get to choose whatever colors we want to paint with and sometimes ya just got to mix it up and try something new! And even if your colors turn muddy you can always go back to what you know and paint the canvas white again!

When one rebuilds a life from scratch, the adventure of discovery, the fear of the unknown and all the possibilities of a new life lay between one ear lobe and the other! And yes you can feel like a fish out of water. But let me say that it has only been a week since I have been in Florida, I just keeping putting one foot in front of the other, listening to my heart, planning with my head and knowing that I am on the right path.

AND Honestly, I have been in the safety net of my family and my soul sisters holding me close, believing in me, constantly rooting me on. This is what is priceless! I am a lucky girl to have such an amazing family and a tribe that believes in me and stands by my side. I never take this LOVE for granted!

In celebration of all the love and support you continue to share with me, I am having a Memorial Day Sale Starting today! Everything is 25% off till Monday.


Stay tuned for part 3 Finding my Home away from Home


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