My RV Adventures from California to Florida

Part one “Blind Faith”

Transitions at the any age can be sort of like going on a BIG rollercoaster for the first time, where you are SO Not familiar with the twist and turns and the unexpected elements of excitement and fear can set you on edge of Blind Faith! The thrill of the ride is not for everyone! I arrived in Florida Safe and Sound!

Like anything new there are elements of surprise in every adventure.  Much like my recent trek from California to Florida, in my 31-foot RV, “Valentina”.

Sallisaw, Oklahoma

From unexpected winds at 25-35 miles an hour on the Hwy, to a massive thunder and hailstorm in Oklahoma, that made me wonder if I my roof would hold up to the grape sized ice balls hitting my RV, to the sun coming out the next morning, I felt stronger, more confident to embrace the unexpected in this journey!

And the constant endless gifts of beauty in nature, I found along the way, feeding my soul endlessly with inspiration and giving me comfort in knowing that I can go anywhere.

The loving light hearted support of my family & friends constantly by my side encouraging me along the way, like cheer leaders or my heart, giving me strength, love & courage along this treacherous journey.

The glorious long drives listening to my favorite music, and beautiful campsites I stayed, gave me 1000’s of moments to reflect on my leap of faith, circling around the comforts of what I have known all my life in California and the crazy adventure of uprooting my life to entirely new state.  

The visual that comes to mind is the feeling of a “fish out of water”.  This feeling is not for the faint of heart to say the least. But like anything new this is all apart of the adventure. So, I will forge my way through and come out the other end, this I am sure of.

I have always been a dreamer and for me Florida is the next stage in my journey. Yes I do feel like a fish out of water, but my streams of energy is in knowing 100% that I have made the right decision for the next chapter in my life and like a guiding light this will carry me through. 

With Memorial Day around the corner I am brewing up really cool SALE for you to enjoy! Please feel free to join my VIP email list if you want to get the inside scoop and art sale offers!

Stay Tuned for PART 2- “The Calling I couldn’t ignore”

Sallisaw, Oklahoma

8 thoughts on “My RV Adventures from California to Florida

  1. Good for you! Wishing you much happiness & success in your journey & your new home in Florida. 💜


  2. Hi Debbie, congratulations on your cross country trip to your new home in Florida. Looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures there. It warms my heart the way you’ve painted Valentina! My best wishes to you always! Keep having fun!


    1. Hi Carole,
      Thank you so much! I am so glad you like Valentina. The inside is amazing too… I will post more pictures and blog post soon. Right now I am in the middle of finding a new home 🙂 Always sending you love!


  3. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Love the pic of Valentina with that gorgeous sunset, and the photo of the meadow in Oklahoma would be beautiful as a painting. Hugs to you and let the magic continue!


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