Moving into the Unknown!

And Taking you along the journey!

As an artist adventure has always been a vital part of my journey! I mean the kind of adventure you can’t really explain somewhere between a gambler and a gypsy. It takes a lot of courage and a combination of visualizing and imagining the future in a completely new way and viewing the world as a playground, then having the faith and confidence to move forward into that unknown territory constantly.

It’s very similar to painting a painting. You start with a blank canvas and then you imagine what you will paint, you may or may not sketch it out, then you start painting it.

Perhaps with each painting there is some fear about whether you will accomplish your vision. But you gamble on your intentions, your talent and your confidence in delivering a work of art that moves people. But with practice the fear gets smaller and smaller and then you trust yourself to get the job done.

End result “A Beautiful Masterpiece” metaphorically it is the same with life. With some adventures you win and some you lose, but in the end one continues to dream, imagine and live a life that brings more happiness and more expansion in all areas of life.

And so I am embarking on the biggest MOVE I have ever made! I am moving to Florida!


Honestly I will never retire! Art is my life’s purpose. Connecting with you and being connected to you no mater where we are in the world is my passion!

So NO I am not retiring!

AND NO I am not leaving you behind! I am taking you with my on every step of the journey.

A new beginning to be close to my best friends, my soul sisters. With open heart I

As You know I LOVE to travel, so traveling to and fro is only a plane ride or RV drive away. I hope to do shows in the future, but for now I am doing LIVE EVENTS on FB and Instagram. This month I have a few surprises to delight you.

I am starting out with a HUGE LIVE “Moving ART SALE” on March 25th

I will go LIVE 6pm PST on Facebook and Instagram.

As I was Massively cleaning the studio I found some cool pieces I totally forgot about! Chances are, that if you are reading this you are on my VIP List, but if your not get on the list! Don’t delay this is March Madness to the Max!

I always love hearing from you! Don’t hesitate to call or text me.

And by the way, now is the best time to purchase that piece you have had your eye on for years! (408) 370-7278

Much Love

Debbie Arambula

The Heart Artist

2 thoughts on “Moving into the Unknown!

  1. Oh, Deb, I’m SO happy for you!!! Congratulations on selling your house and moving on. I’m looking forward to your next adventure. Love ya girl!!

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