The Show Must Go On!

Recently I have had a huge and totally unexpected setback and delay in getting the Show on the Road!
After years of dance performance training I SAY THE SHOW MUST GO ON! I remember years ago one of my best friends said to me, “OMG, as an artist you have to constantly reinventing yourself and be a master Chameleon on top of that. You are a master Chameleon!” LOL she hit it right on the head!

No person makes it in the art world without these two qualities to say the least!

With over 300 Dance Performances under my belt, I have to say, it was awesome training for life. Actually, I think dance performance training prepared me in a 1000’s different ways.

So as I close out my 25th Year as a full time Artist, I am reminded of all the transitions I have made along the way. PHEW! Its a lot!

This year I am shaking it all lose, to make way for new adventures. These words come to mind: Faith, Simplicity, Elegant, Romantic, Grace, Balance, Family Time & Girl Friends and Grandbabies, ooooh those Grandbabies!

With all the Black Friday Competition for attention, I have decided to do another LIVE Open Studio on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I am pulling out things You Have NEVER Seen! This will be like a Nordstrom’s Rack Sale. First Come First Serve, Wild Wild West Sale! LOL!

Wednesday, November 17th, 6:30 Pm PST

Two ways to Join the SALE:

Prints, Limited Editions,
Original Oil Paintings from my Private Collection

Want to get the VIP treatment? Join my VIP NEWSLETTER LIST?

Flash Sales not open to the public, First dibs on new releases, Private Art Event Invites…..

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