Reinventing Ourselves in Times of Change

“Force of Nature”, “Hard Headed Women”, “Gypsy”, “Amazing Artist”, “Painter of Love”, “Heart Lady”, “Mom”, “Grandma”, No matter what you call me, I am an artist with a dream and COVID is NOT TAKING US DOWN!

When I first closed my second gallery in 2015 I had gigantic urge to travel around the country and spread more love and joy in the world while expanding my horizons to cities nationwide. I started a campaign that inspired 1000’s of people called “Spread the Love Campaign”. (More about that in an upcoming next blog)

All pivots in my art career have come from deep passion to change the world, careful thought and random inspiration that seems to bring it all together.

After my divorce in 2018 my entire life and my career went through a huge metamorphosis to say the least! It made me stronger, more focused, and more passionate about my purpose to spread more love in the world, more than ever! After opening 2 galleries, an art studio, 2500 art shows around the country, setting up, tearing down too many back breaking shows, being on the road 30 weeks a year, it is time to reinvent myself again and try something new, well kind of new.

Some Say I am a Gypsy Artist destined to spread love and happiness where ever I go. Yep!

Moving forward, like you I do not know what the future holds, but there is one thing I know for sure, I am on purpose and passionate about uplifting the world through art in good times and in bad!

My wish for you and your family is to embrace the change, be healthy and Live in Love,

Debbie Arambula

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One thought on “Reinventing Ourselves in Times of Change

  1. Hi Debbie! I was camping across from you in our Vintage trailer at Bolsa Chica last week. We loved your RV and I wanted to just say hi but kept missing you. The weather didn’t help! Anyway, loved seeing your heart art on your RV…and more power to you! Hope to cross paths again, but I’ll check you and your art work out online for now.

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