*Heart Art for Love* *In Honor of the 20 Anniversary of 911* “What the World Needs Then & Now”

What the World Needs Now by Debbie Arambula

What the World Needs Now By Debbie Arambula

This piece is dedicated in honor of 9/11, all that lost their lives that day and to all the Fighter Fighters, First Responders, Police, doctors, nurses that continue to be brave in the face of the most horrifical tragedies. I do not forget and dedicate my entire flag series to these stellar beings!

Right after 9/11, I started working on a massive 8 foot by 4 foot glass painting and every day I would draw out different heart paintings to help me express the pain, the sorrow and the inspiration of the capacity that each of us has to love and give compassion to the world, our country & people of the world.

Every drawing in my Patriotic Heart Art Series is dedicated to 9/11, Police, Firefighters, first Responders, Veterans, Doctors & Nurses, stellar beings who continue to be brave in the face of the most horrifical tragedies and live and die to protect our dreams. I do not forget and dedicate my entire flag series to these stellar beings!

In each Flag painting, like this one you see here; I incorporate a 9 or 11 to honor 9/11 and New York. This piece has both, 11 red stripes and 11 stars, and in the 11 stars there are 9 Swarovski crystals, thus the 9 and 11. To remember and honor the lives of individuals and families in New York brings my flag heart art full circle.

This 48 x 60 is Mixed Media Original Painting, has traveled with me from city to city since Memorial Day 2016. I invited 100’s of individuals, families, police, veterans, grandmothers & children of all races and religions, to select one of my handmade paper hearts, that I created from my recycled palette tray liners from 1000’s of paintings that I have painted over 25 years.

And with each heart selected, I ask them to do three things while gluing it on to my canvas:

#1 Acknowledge something they are grateful for

 #2 Re-dedicate their self to a dream they want to create in the future and

 #3 Think of one thing they can do to create a better World.


Video of how the art was made and some people that were invited to participate

Click and find out more about the painter of LOVE: www.debbiearambula.com or www.theheartartist.com

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