Coming Full Circle in Cancun

Coming Full Circle in Cancun

When I first closed my second gallery in 2015 I had gigantic urge to travel around the country and spread more love and joy in the world while expanding my horizons to cities nationwide. I started a campaign that inspired 1000’s of people called “Spread the Love Campaign”. (more about that in my next blog)

All pivots in my art career have come from deep passion to change the world, careful thought and random inspiration that seems to bring it all together.

After my divorce in 2018 my entire life and my career went through a huge metamorphosis to say the least! It made me stronger, more focused and more passionate about my purpose to spread more love in the world, more then ever! After 2 galleries, 2500 art shows around the country, setting up, tearing down too many back breaking shows, being on the road 30 weeks a year, it is time to reinvent myself again and try something new, well kind of new.

And off I went on a 16 day vacation in Cancun to kick off my new beginning! I am actually here in Cancun as I share this story with you.

TAKING CARE OF ME! Nurturing my heart and soul, also means taking you on adventures too!
My room with an ocean view, sleeping, eating well, swimming several times a day and repeat!

SO WHAT IS THE BIG NEWS you ask? MY new phone covers? NOPE! Although it is good news that’s not it!


OMG, I am beyond over the moon and excited as I am creating this as we speak.

WHY YOU ASK? So I can come visit you in towns near by, show you my newest paintings and new product lines, in my MOBILE POP-UP ART STUDIO/ GALLERY. I am planning on collaborating with Wineries in Napa, Arizona, and Art show Venues, Breweries & Parks Nationwide…. I am taking the show on the road but on my terms in comfort and with massive pizzazz!

I am planning on resurrecting’s my Spread the Love Campaign but more on that later.

26 years ago I started showing my art at wineries, farmers markets and art shows “Coming Full Circle” to those wonderful events, makes me so fricking happy! Stay tuned as I post pictures of the transformation and my first event in September 2021! Oh by the way if you haven’t ordered your phone cover yet:

YOU see that white RV down there….. Well wait till you see it transformed!
Say good bye to the OLD RV!

3 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle in Cancun

  1. Debbie, I am so pleased you are taking care of yourself and finding peace and joy in your life. You have given so much happiness to all of us it is finally time to give some to yourself.
    I love your phone covers but unfortunately, you do not list my phone, but I am sure I can find something that I want in your new shop.
    Love you lots,


  2. Hi Debbie,🤗
    Good for you!!
    Doing things on your terms, you’re the boss that’s the way it should be.
    Take care of you first!
    I ordered my phone case, and I just got it!
    It is beautiful!
    Safe travels and God’s blessings to you!
    Rachel Martinez


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