Coming Full Circle Spreading Love ART

In my resent blogs I wrote about “Pivoting in the Face of the Unknown”. This blog is about what is to come.

Coming Full Circle- Spreading LOVE Part 1

It’s funny how experiences in life build up into little mini adventures through time and all the efforts and counter efforts can become inspirations that lead you closer and closer to your true passion.

 A dream is a dream but when it keeps tugging at you it is a calling. It is something that you are deeply driven to do. And the adventure in life from failure or success is willingness to take a chance and listen to the callings.

In 2015 I was looking for a change in my art career and I saw a movie called “Chef”, about a man and his son traveling in his mobile food truck. OMG!

It was that moment that I began to look more outside the box and became obsessed with the concept of Spreading More Love and Happiness with my art and the gypsy lifestyle that I was already living but not in a mobile capacity. At that time, I was staying in a lot of hotels from New York to San Diego and although it was fun I loved the idea of staying in my own Art Studio/hotel way better!

 Over the past 26 years I have expanded from my very first studio in my home to public studio in a cute little town, to gallery, to bigger gallery, to doing over 2500 art shows nationwide, to being in galleries, to licensing my art images and each step has led me to this point in time.

75% of my traveling has been hotel stays, but my most joyous moments have been in my RV.

From my first art bus to my first van, Arty, to my first RV/Arturo, to my gigantic Mercedes Sprinter Van, Gracie, covid inspired me to come full circle back to the beginning of my roots, a home Art Studio/ Gallery and a new inspiration to renovate my RV and utilize it a roaming OPEN ART STUDIO/Gallery

 Life as an artist has been more than a 9 to 5 adventure, it is full of a gypsy lifestyle of recreating yourself repeatedly. My company has survived many adversities to say the least, but I am still here and about to go gypsy 3.0. LOL

ARTY my first VAN, at the Wynn Hotel where I was a featured artist and sold my first $20,000 painting 2012
Painting ARTY in Arizona 2011
My first public Art Studio in Historic Downtown Campbell California 2002
RV- Arturo at a Winery 2019
Heartworks Gallery my second gallery in downtown Campbell, California (Silicon Valley) 2013
GRACIE -Mercedes Van Extra tall extra long 2018
My 32 foot RV that traveled 1000’s of miles across the country twice 2021

What’s next you ask? In my next blog What I didn’t tell you and what I have up my sleeve.

Stay tuned for my next blog post: Coming Full Circle Part 2- From Blank Canvas to Mobile Moving Art Sculpture

Find out more about the Artist VISIT HER WEBSITE:

7 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle Spreading Love ART

  1. Debbie, you are your own woman! You have always known what is best for you.
    I cannot wait to for the next blog! Go for it Debbie. It’s your time❤🧡💛💚💙

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Exciting adventures await! 2021 and beyond will be your best years yet! Cannot wait to hear all about it. Sending love and hearts!


  3. Debbie – I so admire what you do and the adventures you go on. I live vicariously through you.
    All I can say is “Go for it, Girl!!” Hope to find you back in San Diego sometime soon, or even at a place close to San Diego.




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