Pivoting in the Face of the Unknown Part 2

And 26 years later with all the adversity of the unknown under my belt, I am still here creating beauty for you!

Why you ask?

My art is more than a job, it is my life’s calling. The 1000’s of emails and testimonial letters that I have received is living proof that my art emanates happiness, hope, love, inspiration it is even know for rekindling lost purposes in the viewer. Some call it magic, some call it beauty, some call it happiness, whatever my art does for you, is what it does for you!

All I know is that I put all of my heart and soul into each piece not to keep it hidden in a van, or an art closet or a studio! It is for you to enjoy! And it is time to the pieces I have been holding onto to LET it GO! LET it all go!

Recently I was asked by an art collector friend, when are you doing an art show? Trying to avoid the “dear in the headlight look”, I quickly scanned over my 26 years in the art world, scanning over 2500 art shows that I have done all over the country. And how I love seeing all my collectors and selling the art that changes their life. In that moment I acknowledged that I reached a level of success with art shows that most dream of and now it is time for me advance and expand. Oh don’t get me wrong, I am not going anywhere god willing, I am always only a phone call or text away! (408) 370-7278 LOL

And as I approach the next phase of my artistic life, which I will NEVER retire from, I quickly realized that it was time for the next phase of my art career to blossom.  I realized that I need to “Pivot in the face of the Unknown” and uncover my next phase of my art career.  This is also deserving of a badge as it is part of the “Cliff Jumpers” mode of action.

Over the past year I have rearranging my art studio, my art van and my vault at least 2 times each, while in the process I discovered pieces I have never even shown anyone: Drawings, color studies, paintings never release, prints never signed, limited Editions never seen…. I quickly realized that it was time to let go and realized that everything-must-go to make dreams come true for you and me.  

So as I pivot into more passion and more purpose in the art world, I think I am going to have a series of “Open Studio Sales” at bargain prices. Are you Interested?????

Sending you good vibes always,

Debbie Arambula The Heart Artist

If you want first dibs on the shopping link, text me with your email to get on the email list.

I’ll share all the details Friday

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