Pivoting in the Face of the Unknown Part 1

Part 1

As a professional painter, Artist for over 26 years adversity has never stopped my purpose or passion, to bring more joy and happiness to the world. In fact, jumping off cliffs into the “Unknown” becomes a way of life as an artist.

Who in their right mind would live or die for a purpose? The Artist! The maker of new realities, the dreamer of dreams…. the painter, the musician, the actor, the playwright, the song writer and even the candle stick maker.

After 26 years making a full time living as an artist, with many accomplishments under my belt, I feel that I am entitled to claim “Professional Cliff Jumper” as a badge of honor.

I believe in the core of every great artist to accomplish anything of beauty on this planet, it is also a prerequisite for a lively life that is full of adventure, struggle, beauty, and all the rest.

What is a “cliff jumper” its jumping into the unknown, like never painting a mural and then getting selected to paint a 100-foot wall mural for a major city in the Bay Area and then doing it well. It is a person that has never been on live TV and then 26 years later realizing that she has been on TV over 40 times. It’s being selected out of 1000’s of artist to paint one of the sculptural Hearts In San Francisco and not ever having done anything like that before.

It is driving to a city across the entire USA that you have never been too, setting up a series of art show by yourself and all the while with a smile, in the face of horrible weather, where at one point you were hanging on to your tent for dear life, while tears streamed down your face uncontrollably in fear of losing everything.

A “cliff jumper” recounts the 26 years with 100’s of stories like this that you have lived through and still passionate to jump off more cliffs into the unknown! Despite your friends and family looking at you like you’re a crazy person, you know that you are making a difference in the world. YOUR Commodity: You are the maker of Happiness and that my friends is something to be proud of!

And 26 years later with all the adversity of the unknown under my belt, I am still here creating beauty for you!

So as I pivot into more passion and more purpose in the art world, I think I am going to have a series of “Open Studio Sales” at bargain prices. Are you Interested?????

Sending you good vibes always,

Debbie Arambula The Heart Artist

P.S. If you want first dibs on the shopping link, text me with your email to get on the email list. I’ll share all the details Friday. Join my email list now: https://www.debbiearambula.com/contact

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