The Whole World on a Timeout!

Infinite Revelation by Debbie Arambula, The Heart Artist

Is covid-19 a REVELATION or a trap? A blessing or a curse? Some view it as a negative, some as a positive. Either way you look at it life, living is an evolving journey of wins and losses. Who would ever think that the entire WORLD would be on a TIMEOUT? Like a parent correcting a child, Covid-19 has been the longest timeout ever in history!

Traditionally a “TIMEOUT” is given to a child when they do something wrong, or to ball player has violating some rule in a game. The parent or manager giving the timeout is always in hope that some REVELATION will occur, that the person in violation of some law, rule, or policy will have an epiphany.

It took some almost a year to settle into our new lifestyle, to overcome the daily threat of the unseen monster “Covid-19”, lurking in the background of our daily life. The constant threat to our survival gave way to cleaning out our closets, reorganizing messy cabinets, repainting our house, decorating our offices for zoom calls, reorganizing the areas of life that got left behind in our BUSY lifestyles. And working out how to survive when one has lost their job, cannot open their restaurant, can’t go to work, can’t go to school, can’t go to an art show or more importantly loses their loved one to a monster that has changed the way we live life & appreciate life forever.

As spiritual person and creative artist that paints about love & life and naturally dedicated to bringing about the brighter side to all things, somehow, I have managed to view life as a revelation of truths and a chance to grow. Now maybe at first when tragedy strikes, I feel a bit thrown under the bus, like my life is in a washing machine cycle of twirling confusion and then my power shines through and a natural tendency to tackle it head on.

Maybe it is the 5000 art shows I have setup and tore down all over the country or maybe it is that I have survived successfully as a professional artist for 26 years in all kinds of economy crashes and still manage to bring light to life, light to love, happiness to 10’s of thousands of people in all parts of the world through my paintings or maybe the inspiration of the loving upbringing from my amazing parents, or the Italian immigrant ancestral passionate strength & endurance to survive, or perhaps, as my prince charming says it best, I am a “Hard Headed Women” that believes life and our spiritual journey is all about REVELATIONS OF TRUTH.

Infinite Revelation is my wish for you…. Just that! May you overcome your barriers, find strength in your trails and find revelations that assist you in your journey to live a life full of dreams, joy, spiritual growth and most of all love.

No matter what your religion, or belief, one thing remains true, we are all in this together. And when we treat one another the way we want to be treated, we all win!

Much Love to you all!

Debbie Arambula

To see more of Debbie’s art visit:

About Artist: Since 1996, Debbie Arambula paintings express a whimsical wanderlust of emotions that elevate the soul and speak to people of all ages and cultures. Famous for her masterful use of color and rhythmic brush strokes, given the title of “Contemporary Master of our Time”, she puts her heart into everything she creates.

Affectionately known as “The Heart Artist”, whether you own one of her heart art pieces, delicate flower paintings or her romantic Italian landscapes, all have one thing in common, color & energy that makes you feel happy.

Humanitarian Artist to the core she lives by her mission “Inspiring the world through art”.  Featured artist in National Community Art Projects such as murals & sculptures her generous donations of art to causes dear to her heart: Hearts in San Francisco Foundation, Hospice of the Valley, Komen LA, City Hall of San Jose and Public Works City of Campbell, City of Morgan Hill, Family’s for a Better Community, American Heart Association, Artists’ for Human Rights, Boulder City Hospital, SF General Hospital, The Way to Happiness Foundation, CCHR’s -Fight for Kids & more. 

Through 1000’s juried exhibitions in fine art shows nationwide, galleries, museums and public art projects, Debbie Arambula has been extensively interviewed by NBC and ABC affiliates in major East & West Coast cities, for her public art projects and humanitarian art donations: KRON TV in San Francisco, Entertainment Magazine, Good Day Sacramento, Good Morning Scottsdale, FOX 5 in Las Vegas, Newstalk 550, and Arizona Radio. Debbie has also been featured in Romantic Homes Magazine- National, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, San Jose Mercury News, Campbell Times, Las Vegas Review, Boulder City Registrar, Arizona Foothills, Homes by the Sea, Décor Magazine, and dozens of others. Founder of the Spread the LOVE Campaign; she creates traveling participatory art pieces that engage kids & adults in communities across America.  Each work of art inspires creativity, kindness, brotherly love, and happiness. The entire Spread the Love Campaign is dedicated to 911, Veterans, Firefighters, First Responders, Police & people who give up their life to protect our Dreams!  “It’s about working together to build hope. Caring about each other and treating people the way we want to be treated. It’s about inspiring people of all ages to live their dreams and respect those that contribute to our safety while risking their own lives to protect us. It’s about being grateful for the life you live, living your dream and doing things that make a difference in the world”.

2 thoughts on “The Whole World on a Timeout!

  1. Wow, you have such a wonderful way with words. It shows the great passion you have for your work, for people and your life. I hope and pray for you to continue to have such wonderful and productive life. Some day maybe you can write a book.

    Love you,


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