Unveiling a *Heart of Gold*

Unveiling the Heart of Gold Original 3D Painting by Debbie Arambula

When I first started out to paint this piece a few months ago, I was bit apprehensive. Feeling like the simplicity of it would be misunderstood or not understood at all. Sometimes as artist’s we feel this sort of nakedness in bearing our deepest feelings, our heart and soul to the world.

Art is an intimate emotional connection of communication between the artist and the audience. And in my ever so slight momentary consideration, I pushed through and kept true to my integrity with the hopes of inspiring You.

With a heart full of love and shinning hope for a bright future for all, I embarked on the journey of deep expression. Art has always been a way for me to express emotion, concepts, thoughts, but mostly emotion.

Truth be told the inspiration for this piece was born out of new found Unconditional LOVE with a man I call “Prince Charming”.

Through many honest deep seated, late night conversations, perhaps a 1000, a beautiful foundation of trust, real friendship blossomed into a new romantic adventure and to add to this many sweet golden moments of laughter & giggles with my girlfriends. This was the backdrop of inspiration for the Heart of Gold.

Love is shiny and sometimes bumpy too, Heart of Gold is combination of life’s journey & the adventures of the Heart. The simplicity of two colors, gold and white & imbued with an magic of Princess sparkle.

Heart of Gold was painted to honor the goodness in all of us. I believe that there is a Prince Charming & Princess inside of each of us and maybe the white horse is built on a strong desire to create magic through lots of communication, affinity, understanding, similarity of goals, honesty, trust, openness, creativity sprinkled with a ton of willingness to grow, share and me spiritual naked with one another.

The simplicity in anything you envision is the willingness, desire and energy put forth to create it. The wand is in your hand, your mind and you decide what magic to create or not create. Heart of Gold is a simple emotional expression of the purity of that magic that lies in your imagination to create a life you love.

Wishing you the best always,

Princess Debbie

To find out more about this painting and other works by Debbie Arambula, The Heart Artist, visit: www.debbiearambula.com

Stay tuned for STIKING GOLD in a Love Song

Join me for LIVE Art Events, LIVE from the Studio, Art Give Away’s & more https://www.facebook.com/theheartartist/

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