Birthday Princess with Happy Heart

Debbie on my birthdayWhen I started painting over 25 years ago I always knew that I would follow my heart. Ever since I was a little girl I never really saw things the way that others did. I would look at old homes and see the potential of beauty in them. I would look at homeless people and wonder how I could help them. I would see war and wonder what I could do to help the world find peace. Looking beyond what was in front of me to see the soulful beauty beyond the eye. Honestly I just can’t do life any other way. Keeping the one promise to myself to be true to me, my purpose and vision of inspiring women and the world through art has always come first in my art career.


And from the first moment that my brush hit the canvas I knew I was onto something big.  More of me in every brush stroke with massive texture, more love, more energy to flow out of my soul and pour into the world.  There is something to be said for things you can see, feel and touch.

Every painting I have painted has been born of pure purpose and passion. Since the  birth of Twittepated and now my Fine Jewelry Line, ans like all of our adventures in life from struggles to New Beginnings, expansion of the heart, the mind, the soul always creates more happiness.  From concept to drawings a lot of positive energy goes into what I create.

Gold KHistorically Hearts and flowers are utilized in good wishes and celebrations. “Twitterpated in Gold” is a celebratory explosion of love and all my good wishes for you, your life.. Thank you for being a part of mine.”

You can see the New Fine Jewelry Line on my website:

Stay tuned for Birthday Gift Revel from Prince Charming…..

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