Romance Forged in the Fire of Love

Sometimes you hear fairy tale stories about late life romances, a person loses a spouse for one reason or another and then out of the blue, all the wishes you have ever granted to falling stars in your life, he or she arrives unexpectedly.

My Prince Charming has arrived under Quarantine Rules and despite no kissing, no hand holding & no cuddling, we are creating the most beautiful friendship, that takes my breath away.  Similar to courting in the Victorian Era our conversations are as good as gold!

Tomzrrow, July 9th, 2020 in celebration of my 60th Birthday I am releasing “Twitterpated in Gold” a high end ornate handcrafted one of kind 14 K Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace. It is the first design of its kind on earth, there is no other one like it.

Forged in the fire of love, this pendant embodies the essence of infinite love for life, romance & family. Testament to this special release and a commemoration of my 60th Birthday, a magical photograph that was captured at the exact right moment & completely unknown to his wife (My Master Jewelers) that she captured a flaming Infinity symbol.

Forge in the Fire of love

When I received the text it left me crying happy tears for 10 minutes straight.  The fact that the symbol was born & captured at the exact moment of burning off the debris, is both a magical and priceless testimony of the endless love this piece exudes.

I have always felt that the heart has endless capacity to give love, create kindness, create romance and to make ones dreams come true. My heart is on fire in more ways than one and I want to share this wish for you. The joy you experience in life has endless possibilities for all that you dream.

Tomorrow I present to you my heart and soul and hope to Twitterpate Yours in Gold. And it will be available on this link tomorrow:

Much Love,

Debbie Arambula The Heart Artist

(408) 379- 7278

The definition of Twitterpated: 1942; first used in the movie Bambi; twitter + -pated Twitterpated’ means to feel happy jumpy feeling you get that causes you to smile uncontrollably. Excited or overdone by romantic feelings: smitten- to be strongly attracted to someone or something.

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