Prince Charming Showers His Princess

My Pre-Birthday celebration begins Friday July 3rd I arrive at my Prince Charming’s home, I walk into a delicious smell of home cooked Pad Thai and 4 gifts in all shapes and sizes wrapped elegantly in Gold Paper & Pink Ribbon. Each with purple love notes on the gift.

After he surprised me with the NEWS ALERT video that he scripted and made for me, in honor of my New Jewelry Release tomorrow July 9th, my 60th Birthday. OF COURSE, I cried with gratitude, laughed uncontrollably with joy. IMG_5260

We continued our lovely visit approximately, per covid 19 Rules, 6 feet apart. As I start opening the gifts one by one…. each with an individual poetic love note and with a special meaning behind the gift. IMG_5262

So romantic and grateful to say the least. With the help of secret spies, my soul mate sister girlfriends all the gifts amazed me!

Two of the gifts he gave me was a loving sign and a magnificent chair. This style of chair I have wanted for over 10 years and to actually have him give me one, gave me a romantic sense of a new beginning for the next journey of my life. Princess Chair

I am so happy to share this moment with you and hope it inspires you.  Do you have a birthday dream, or a celebration to share I would LOVE to have you share it in the comment section below.

P.S New Release will be revealed July 9th, 2020:

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