Prince Charming Dazzles Princess Debbie

As I approach my 60th Birthday in just a few days, like that little girl with birthday surprises on the horizon. My heart is filled with excitement for life, for the future & for all the dreams I have yet to fulfill. Like a magic fairy tell coming true my new Boyfriend whom I will just call “Prince Charming” began my Birthday celebration week with surprises that left me in tears and speechless.  With 5 gifts all wrapped in gold and purple, like the Prince Charming that he is, he gave this one to me first.

Watch the NEWS Video as the most magical birthday story unfolds.

Share your Prince Charming Story…..

9 thoughts on “Prince Charming Dazzles Princess Debbie

  1. What a lucky Princess……….I still have one glass slipper and still waiting for my Prince to find me. I still hoping after 7 years there’s still hope for me.

    Can wait to see what’s next.

    Love you, Desiree


  2. Happy birthday Debbie!!!! Wow Debbie. I’m am so sorry I missed your call. So first about this Prince Charming boyfriend!!!!; where on earth did you find him? That was phenomenal what he did for your birthday. Would love to know what is inside of those 5 packages???
    Also, we absolutely love the tee shirts. My daughter Katie was so excited to have one. Talk to you soon. Xoxo. Patty


    1. Hi Patty,Thank you so very much! I am so glad you got the tshirts and love them. Yayeee! I found Prince Charming from some very very close girl friends. He is amazing! Did you see my new jewelry???? Curious what do you think?


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