From House Cleaner to Featured Artist ~ 25 Years Painting for Love Part 2

Every Journey has it’s a few beginnings, my professional journey was nurtured in first studio at my home in 1995 in Campbell California. Surrounded by a loving husband, and Three beautiful Children my full time job as a professional House cleaner was getting ready to be replaced by an artistic urge that could no longer stay dormant! At the age of 35 my purpose to make people happy through my art was resurrected (that is a whole story in itself, to be shared at another time)

Debbies First Studio 1

In 1996 I ran for Mrs. California and placed in the top six and was awarded Mrs. Santa Clara County. ( And that too has a whole story within itself) IMG_06921

Then I designed and directed the first piece of public art in the history of Campbell California.

I started to get well know in the area for this creation.

Then, I decided to ventured out to a public studio in Historic Downtown Campbell. Where we had our first Ribbon Cutting with Mayor Mathew Dean & my first AMAZING Studio Mate, Carolyn Larsen. What magical space it was!


Meanwhile when I wasn’t in the studio, or cleaning a house (remember I had a house cleaning company at the same time) and  I was traveling from city to city in my Pink VW Bus, selling my art at street shows all through northern California. And then one day I had to sell my house cleaning company because I sold one of my first pieces of art at my very first art show in Napa, California “Mustard Festival”

Then I showed and sold my art in coffee Houses in the Bay Are and from Farmers Markets to Art & Craft Shows, I sold my Reverse Glass paintings.

And then out of necessity & to keep up with the demand, my Wild Whimsical Debbie Doodle Vases were born, along with hand-painted wine glasses, platters, so that I had something for everyone.

Wild Whimsical Debbie Doodle Vases

Traveling from city to city, it led me to my first gallery show in Olympia Washington. It was magical and that is a whole story in itself, too! My big brother went with me to help me set up and sell my art. It is a very special memory.

Suspended in space, on invisible fishing line, these colorful Reverse Glass Painted Windows gave way to magical whimsical emotions.

Suspended in space, on invisible fishing line, these colorful Reverse Glass Painted Windows gave way to magical whimsical emotions.

Olympia Gallery in Olympia, Washington
Featured artist at Olympia Gallery in Olympia, Washington
First Gallery show in Olympia Washington
Many people were enthralled, one customer told the gallery owner, “It’s like walking through a sort of Alice Wonderland, but it was Debbie Arambula”s Beautiful Wonderland” JC

Today I sit in my home in Morgan Hill California, getting ready to be a featured artist in a high-end gallery in Palm Desert, called the “D Gallery”.

As I look through 100’s of pictures in my 25 year journey I am a bit overwhelmed with the volume of create. Did I really do all this? 1000’s of miles I have traveled, the 1000’s of art shows I have set up and torn down, the 100’s of cities I have slept in, the 100’s of restaurants I have eaten, the 1000’s and 1000’s of people I have witnessed smile when they experience my art for the first time. The 1000’s of adorable art collectors that I love and respect.  With 100’s of stories to share with you,  that brought me to this 25th year, I could have never done it without YOU!  For 25 years and till the day I leave this earth I stand up for LOVE, I paint for LOVE. Thank you for being a part of my journey! I will always be your Heart Artist.

P.S. Stay tuned for “25 Years Painting for Love” Part 3


Debbie Arambula

~The Heart Artist~

You are cordially invited to join me for a special event on February 8th 5-8pm

D Gallery located in  73111 El Paseo #101, Palm Desert, CA 92260. For more information please call: (833) 674-7455

Meet and Greet

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