*Flag Day* From The Heart


What the World Needs Now small

“What the World Needs Now” by Debbie Arambula -Brotherly Love Changes the World

   To purchase the art visit: http://www.DebbieArambula.com

For me the Flag is more than just a symbol of freedom but rather a inspiring symbol to do the right thing. When we are decent, kind  & respectful of  each other we create liberty. When we assist in each others survive by positive actions, we grow in strength, when we truly care for one another, stand up for decency not just for one country but all we spread human kindness and our hearts grow bigger with compassion, when we stand up for whats right through human rights we stand tall for all. This is the meaning behind my “Patriotic Heart Art”. Yes it includes America, but rather a larger scope of mankind in general.

United We Stand by Debbie Arambula
“United We Stand” by Debbie Arambula -with 9 stripes and 11 stars honoring 911     https://www.theheartartist.com/peace-and-love-art

All my “Flag Heart Art Paintings” are dedicated to those that serve this purpose, that live and die to protect our right to life, they defend decency to serve and protect everyday of their lives. Dedicating my Flag Art to Veterans, 911, First Responders, Figher Fighters & Police is my way of saying thank you and honoring the Flag for one world in Liberty and Justice for all.

WHAT IS FLAG DAY: In the United StatesFlag Day is celebrated each year on 14 June to commemorate the day on which the country adopted its famous stars and stripes.

The celebration was officially recognized by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, to mark the date in 1777 when the Second Continental Congress selected the American flag.

Although not an official federal holiday, Flag Day is observed widely across the United States in a number of ways. Flag Day is celebrated every year on 14 June to commemorate the date on which the flag of the United States was first raised.

Living the Dream
“Living the Dream” by Debbie Arambula – In kindness treating one another the way we want to be treated

To See more of Debbie Arambula’s Art Visit: https://www.theheartartist.

Check out the video behind her flag art: What the World Needs Now by Debbie Arambula TheHeartArtist.com

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