Romantic Rebirth Revealed

Bella Amore- Beautiful Love in Italian
Bella Amore- Beautiful Love in Italian 36 x 36 Oil -3 D sculpture on Canvas by Debbie Arambula Special Limited Time Offer

While pouring my heart out to you, in my last Blog titled Unspoken New Beginnings with a Touch of Romanticism’, a rebirth of my artistic purpose reveled itself.

At this pivotal point in my life, this beginning has elevated my purpose and paintings up to new artistic heights!  I vividly remember at 3 years old standing on stage in front of a huge crowd clapping for me – I had won first place in a Beauty Contest (which I had no idea:) – which sent a ton of admiration and with every inch of being, I responded with admiration in return.

The more I gave, the more they again gave to back. Recalling it again now,  I see an infinity symbol of energy flowing to and fro – without a doubt I knew this was magic – and because of it, from that day forward, my calling unveiled its power of Love.

What is LOVE in its simplest definition?  Strong affection & admiration for another – Love can be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection.

What is Unconditional Love? Caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get in return for ourselves.


For 23 years with beautiful paintings of Love, whether hearts, flowers or landscapes I have waived my magic wand of LOVE in every painting.

Even in the most heart breaking transition of my life,

I am still unconditionally giving LOVE!


World Renowned Romantic California Artist, Debbie Arambula   Creating BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS OF LOVE that uplift and inspire  

Opening the floodgates to unleash LOVE Worldwide

Call 408 370-7278 now to Schedule Appointment 
I look forward to sharing more soon


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