Unspoken New Beginnings Transparent with a Touch of Romanticism

Sunrise in Paso Robles
Sunrise in Paso Robles~ Every day begins with a Sunrise…                                                                       The possibilities of each day is endless and in our hands!

Generally speaking, I am not one of those to contribute to the bad news of the world, in fact, everything I eat, breath and paint have to do with uplifting spiritual concepts.

Life is Life and LOVE is LOVE and I paint the adventures of it all, transparent with a touch of romanticism!   The end result for most viewers is a deep feeling of happiness.

It isn’t that I live some “Pollyanna” dream life or that I think life should be sprinkled with hearts & flowers, with birds chirping in the background… although, it’s not a bad idea!  I adore black and white musical movies with their romantic twist, old-fashioned values and heart-wrenching stories that always have a way of making you feel good in the end.

Although whimsical in nature my art has always told the truth, it never lies or pretends to be anything other than what you see and feel! I am honest in my work and somehow that translates into happiness for you. Similar to how I live my life, behind everything I paint I want the outcome to be growth, expansion, happiness, joy, spiritual awareness of self, because that’s the good stuff that makes us, well…..it makes us HAPPY!

Since January I have started a series of hearts & flowers that express a new personal journey, a new personal beginning, one that has been the most heart wrenching to begin and one that I never imagined would be a part of my journey. But such as life for all of us, we all have our personal paths and it’s what we do with the cards at hand that make us win in life or lose. I have always been a fighter, a self-determined, goal orientated passionate italian women with a transparent romantic twist at the end of every journey. Perhaps it’s those birds chirping in the background of my soul leading me to a life that fulfills more of my true potential.

After being with the love of my life for 41 years, married for 38, we have decided our goals and dreams no longer align. We have come to a road of different paths and now with Unconditional Love, it is time for us to move forward on our personal journey.

I met Steve when I was 16 years old and we married when I was 19.  We have three beautiful adult children and an amazing daughter-in-law and our main star of the show, our sweet granddaughter, Miss Ruby Jane.

Steve and I have lived one of the fullest life’s I know and like you, our stories could be written in a 10 volume set, bare minimum. I honor every inch of our journey together and cherish the memories, but it is time for us to move on.

You are an important part of my life, my heart, my journey and as I move forward in this NEW BEGINNING and a new chapter unfolds, new paintings will be imagined, new stories to share. As I continue on this journey called LIFE, know that in every piece I paint I give you my heart and soul.

P.S. Steve has moved to Portland, Oregon to be closer to our older son Dan and I will continue to live in Morgan Hill, California near my Mom, Dad & Brothers, traveling back and forth to Southern California running my company “Heartworks Studio” with our daughter Katie, that lives in Glendale, CA.  Sprinkled with frequent visits with our son Nicholas in Hollywood, while surrounded by soul sisters from Pasadena to Santa Rosa!

Please know that we are ALL doing fine and our new beginning has begun.

Much Love,

Debbie Arambula

Sunset in Sonoma County
ThSunset in Sonoma~ Every day ends with a sunset, how we view each moment transforms the journey into a positive or a negative. I am going with positive all the way baby!


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