What the World Needs Now

My Dearest Friends,
Today we remember, we honor, we reflect. Let not one day go by without sharing your light so bright. Let not one day go by without telling your loved ones how much you adore them. Smile out loud,  spread the love out loud. Out of darkness comes light, my entire flag series was born from the darkness, may my art bring you hope, compassion, peaceful feelings and most of all LOVE.
Wishing you the best always!
Debbie Arambula
“Right after 9/11, I started working on a massive 8 foot by 4 foot piece, and every day I would draw out different heart paintings to help me express the pain, the sorrow and the inspiration of the capacity that each of us has to love and give compassion to the world, our country & people of the world.
Most of my Patriotic Heart Art is dedicated to 9/11, Police, firefighters, veterans and people who live and die to protect our dreams. In each Flag painting like this one you see here, I incorporate a 9 or 11 to honor 9/11 and New York. This piece has both, 11 red stripes and 11 stars, and in the 11 stars there are 9 Swarovski crystals, thus the 9 and 11. To remember and honor the lives of individuals and families in New York brings my flag heart art full circle.
This participatory piece has traveled with me from city to city since Memorial Day 2016. I invite people to select one of my handmade hearts that I have created and collected for over 20 years, and with each heart selected, I ask them to do three things while gluing it on to my canvas: #1 Acknowledge something they are grateful for or a dream that they are living. #2 Re-dedicate their self to a dream they want to create in the future and
#3 Think of one thing they can do to create a better World.
Many of the hearts touch as though arm and arm. This is my way of ‘Spreading the Love’ and inspiring the concept of dreams, gratefulness and to never give in Together we can make the difference.”
Get the full background story and inspiration behind the piece uncovered in a video at www.spreadthelovecampaign.com

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