10 Ways to Celebrate A Birthday

Debbie's 57th Birthday Cake
My Chantilly Birthday Cake from my Katie Pie.

If you’re like a lot of people, some birthdays can just roll off into “Just Another Day”. Now days, Steve & I like to have Birthday Weeks. This year it was a full blown Birthday Week, and OMG, I had so much fun and so did the special people that joined me in the Celebration.

Honestly, birthdays are all in how you look at them. They can be both a celebration & a motivation, or a chance to rekindle purpose, passion, dreams or goals . I do all!

I am so thankful for my life and the people that are in my life. I truly feel blessed every day of my life! At 57, certain things stare me in the face with a winding down motion or a revving up in others. Either way, the good news is I have choices. And the outcome of it all is in my hands.

I remember as a child I looked so forward to my birthday. . . My Mom always gave us choices  what kind of dinner we wanted and what kind of cake. My favorite was stuffed cabbage rolls and my cake of choice was white with whipped cream frosting and a raspberry and vanilla custard filling.  Not to mention the birthday gift list. I am truly blessed to have a mother so creative, so caring and a father that would provide all the fixings for the occasion. Three kids in the 60’s not an easy financial hill to climb. Thanks Mom and Dad!

This year, 2017, is special in so many ways and so I wanted to really take the time to enjoy every minute of how I spent my birthday week. I hope this inspires you and makes you smile. We are here in this life now and it is up to us to create our journey.

Birthday Flowers#1) Birthday Cake for Breakfast: Daughter walks into my art booth with her beautiful smile at Los Altos Art and Wine Festival with a beautiful Birthday cake and sunflowers.

(We all had to work on my birthday, but I didn’t care cuz I knew I get a week & I love my customers, so being with them on my B-day is fine with me!)  Breakfast: Chantilly BIRTHDAY Cake! 2 pieces! Dinner: Blue Line Pizza from Campbell, CA (our favorite) and a glass of white wine at 10pm at night watching “Sneaky Pete”, an Amazon special.

Annie and I
My Sweet Cousin Annie, always laughing life in the face together!


#2) Being with Annie – Monday: Worked for 4 hours, had lunch at Blue Line Pizza in Mt. View with my lovely daughter then off to Annie’s House (Annie is my cousin, but really she is more like my sister).



D's Diner in Forestville CA
D’s Diner in Forestville, CA been coming here for over 35 years!

#3) Glamour Camping – Tuesday:  Arrive at KOA Campground in Cloverdale, CA for some 3 days of decadent RVing with Steve and Annie. Late lunch at my favorite hamburger place in Forestville, CA.Wine Country Bliss

Screamin Mimi's
‘Screamin Mimi’s’ Sebastopol, CA





#4) Ice Cream for Dinner: Mimi’s Ice Cream from



#5) Making Breakfast – Wednesday: I made homemade breakfast for Annie and Steve. I so love making breakfast! Yummy Coffee, reading a good book and then gentle exercises outdoor. IMG_05021

#6)  Wine Tasting for hours at Russian River Winery with my family:

Russian River Winery Forestville Ca
Russian River Winery my Favorite!




Rainbow campfire
Rainbow Campfire

#7) Rainbow Campfires, BBQ with Family  :

#8) Cuddling under the stars with my Honey:

#9) Floating on the Russian River & Drives in the Country :



#10) Dinner with Mom & Dad & family at my FAVORITE Restaurant – Maurizio’s in Morgan Hill: 

2015- 2016 personal favoite pictures 073
Mom, Steve and I and Dad
Mom, Me & Katie

I am truly blessed to have a lovely family and I cherish every moment we are together! We are all truly blessed to be in this life together, so many things can get in the way of celebrating our Birthdays. To have one week of doing exactly what I wanted to do was blissful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my life, my story,  our journey together! Happy Birthday To You!

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP 10 Favorite things to do?


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