Spreading Love Across 23 States

“Each piece in my “Living the Dream” series started off as a way to spread love on the open road while participating in art shows nationwide inspiring people appreciate their life, live their dream and do something to make a better world, while honoring those that live and die to protect the American Dream!

I personally dedicate this series to Veterans, Firefighters, Police and 911 as my way of honor those that died to awaken us as a culture.  Each heart places represents the dreams of many and is my way of reminding us that we are all in this life together. We are the ones that will make our country, neighborhoods, towns, families, great again. Not one man or women. “We the people”, working together treating each other the way we want to be treated.”

 EXCITING LIMITED EDITION RELEASE  On Saturday July 1st I will release a Special Hand Embellished Collector’s Edition on canvas of “United We Stand”, “What the World Needs Now” and “Living The Dream”.  There will be only 25 in each edition. Each will be hand painted with added embellishments of Swarovski Crystals & more for $295.00 (retail value $695.00). And we are even paying for the shipping! see full details of all the gifts I am adding in on this piece I think you might be blow away!

This offer Starts July 1st and ends on July 7th or until each piece sells out.   


United We Stand by Debbie Arambula
“United We Stand” Working together we make the difference!
Living the Dream
“Living the Dream” by Debbie Arambula – In kindness treating one another the way we want to be treated
What the World Needs Now small
“What the World Needs Now” by Debbie Arambula -Brotherly Love Changes the World

Full details on what EACH PIECE INCLUDES:

16 x 20, Stretch Wrapped & Wired ready to hand Canvas Giclee

Each piece is one-of-a- kind, made especially for you!

Each piece is hand-painted with added embellishments of sparkly Swarovski Crystals!

Hand-signed Love Doodle (little drawing) on the back of the Canvas

Hand-signed story of the piece

Each piece is numbered and includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity

Free Shipping anywhere in the USA

All of this for only $295.00 (retail value $695.00

WHY so low????? Because its my way of getting you to inspire others and spread the message of love even more!  These pieces are spiritual conversation pieces that are intended to uplift, inspire and bring hope. So WHY NOT!

To purchase click here:

July 4th Special Release www.theheartartist.com

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