Little Girls Dream to Inspire Happiness

Abundance by Debbie Arambula The Heart Artist

My hubby says I am like an EverReady battery from the moment my feet hit the floor till I conk out at night.
Passionate to say the least this is just who I am. I have always felt like the world is part of my heart, honestly I know it sounds corny but this is just how I feel.

Debbie Arambula at 5 years old
Debbie Arambula started inspiring smiles at the age of 5

Since I was a little girl I have felt like, in many ways I am a messenger HAPPINESS, LOVE, HOPE, COMPASSION, BEAUTY & BROTHERLY LOVE… now don’t get me wrong, I am not some sort of saint or goddess fairy of love…. well maybe a little…. I am a woman that has a life just like yours; I have your average everyday struggles too, just like you. The funny thing is that I have always felt like I have an ABUNDANCE of LOVE to share and give.

Always have and ALWAYS will.

I want to remind people that we are all in this together! And I honestly believe that if we just do this one simple thing “TREAT EACH OTHER THE WAY WE WANT TO BE TREATED” I truly believe together we can change the world. Yep the togetherness part really needs to be inspired. And that’s my job and yours too! And this is what my nationwide tours are all about, inspiring people  one by one and spreading love, hope, compassion, happiness.

And that in itself is a simple message that you can do it together!

EVERYDAY WE CAN TREAT OTHERS the WAY WE WANT TO BE TREATED! I am not saying it is a breeze, especially when you have negative people around you, or that guy or girl cuts in front of you on the highway. I am just looking at the things we can do. BE POSITIVE, SHOW COMPASSION, SMILE AT A STRANGER, HELP OTHERS…. Whatever you think you can do in a day…. Simple or complex the choice is yours!

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