Meeting Betsy Ross, A Dream Come True

Betsy Ross Home 2 When I first saw the sign as we drove by to find parking in Philadelphia, an emotional memory cord struck at my heartstrings, that this had been a goal I long forgot. I remember as a child always being fascinated with certain presidents and their good intentions, purposes, hard work & courage. I also remember that there weren’t very many stories about famous women, and so for some odd reason, I remember being so enthralled with Betsy Ross and her design of the New Flag. That she was asked by President George Washington to create a flag was even more impressive. I was always fond of Betsy Ross, her story, her struggles and honored that a woman would rise to such fame. Debbie meets Betsy Ross Sm



My fascination with flags started when I was a little girl and never did I imagine I would visit the home where she lived. For me, the flag is a representative symbol of Unity, Respect, Compassion, Kindness, Human Rights, Freedom, Perseverance & Brotherly Love. Its funny how you walk through life, and life’s experiences, no matter what the age, resonate like love notes to your soul lighting up childhood dreams of passion.

Just reading the sign made me tear up with empathy. As a woman artist, the climb is not an easy one, and what an honor that Artisan Betsy Ross contributed to our Country’s pride so greatly. IMG_4056


My entire ‘Spread the Love Campaign’ is built around this concept: Unity, Respect, Treating one another the way we want to be treated and living one’s dreams. In just a few days, I will share the final version of my newest work of heart, “United We Stand”.


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