Rocky from San Antonio, Texas. Born in India, sharing his dreams with me.
Meet Rocky, from San Antonio, Texas. Born in India, gluing a heart on my art & sharing his dreams with me.

While on my 2017 East Coast Art Tour, across 23 states over 3 months one story sticks out in my mind:

“The morning after we escaped a tornado in San Antonio, Texas, I woke up inspired to continue spreading love for our country no matter what! We stopped at a gas station to fill up before leaving for Louisiana and I met, Rocky in the gas station.

I showed him my new art piece and explained what I was doing an asked him if he would like to glue a heart on my piece of art. He said yes with a big smile and I asked him to pick any heart & share something he is grateful for.

He replied, “When I got my green card and could live in this country.” He then said how hard it is sometimes to work at a gas station because people judge him by his color.

I then asked him, ‘Think of a dream you want to have.’ He said, “I want to have my family all together and be together.”

My last question was to ask him, what he could do to make a better world? He said, “I can be kind to people!”

I showed him how to glue on his heart and think of all the things he shared with me, he beamed from ear to ear and in that moment we had hope for a better world for all!

He was a sweet man! This project is what I have been doing with all my flags for the past few years starting on my tour in Chicago in 2014, 2016 with my huge flag and now in 2017.

I give you a magnificent video of the inside story behind my newest original mixed media painting, “What the World Needs Now” and a snap shot of some of the people that shared their dreams with me.

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