*Angel Kisses* from the Heart

Angel Kisses masterAngel Kisses 16″ x 20″ original acrylic

by Debbie Arambula

Wide open heart, full of love, full of future. How sweet the sound of a kiss on your cheek, how wonderful to cuddle with your baby, your grand baby, your honey.

What a joy to give a long awaited hug to your best friend, your brother, sister….

How lovely to enjoy your parents and acknowledge all the wonderfulness they have given you in their life time.

How lucky are we as humans that we experience and create an array of wonderful emotions. Each at our finger tips each to give and receive.

Angel kisses is all about the sweet light-hearted love connection you feel when you love someone so deeply it hurts. The kind of appreciation for the love you feel inside and the daily blessings of love that surrounds your life and joy in giving to others.

Love flows in and it flows out, it is the one thing that we can generate endlessly and give away anytime we choose. It doesn’t cost money and it’s free to those participate in its gift.

Interested in the original painting? Call Debbie Arambula (408) 370-7278 www.debbiearambula.com

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