Family Portrait Painting Of the Heart

“One Love” by Debbie Arambula a family Heart Portrait painting of Steve and Margaret and their 4 kids.

What is a Heart Portrait? “It is not a painting of your body, your face or your clothes,  but rather the energy that I see and feel when having a fun conversation with you about your favorite things, your dreams, goals, the kind of music you love the most, your hobbies… During our conversation I see color and feel rhythm taking abstract colorful notes on a small canvas capturing the essence of you in the form of painterly brush strokes. These “Love Notes” are what I use to complete a large custom painting of your heart.

I discovered many years ago that I see & feel emotions in color rhythmically when I talk to people. Yep it is my special gift!  As a child my claim to fame was that I was A VERY sensitive Child and honestly for most of my life no one really understood the depth of this “Gift” and honestly I am not sure that most understand it still.

For years as a painter I naturally used this gift in every commissioned painting I ever created, but it was so natural that I never realized that I had this special talent, funny how a curses can become the greatest gift one has to offer to the world, I guess it is all in how one looks at it.

Since the day I uncovered this passion for painting hearts and souls, I have painted 100’s of colorful expressive Heart Portraits Paintings for Mothers and daughters, Husbands and Wife’s, Engaged Couples, New Born babies, Grandmothers, Kitties, loved ones passed, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Families of all sizes.

Heart Portraits Paintings are a very special colorful work of art celebrating you while giving me an opportunity to express my deepest unconditional love of seeing everything beautiful in you and allowing me to celebrating you & your life through my Heart Portrait custom paintings , this is my greatest joy!

What would your Heart Portrait look like?  Commission works accepted call for details (408) 370-7278


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