I Will Never Be the Same

IMG_49021Its amazing how powerful one piece art can be to the heart and soul. Believe me, I see a lot of good art. I mean, a lot! And I create a lot too. But in all my research, I have found those few artists that resonate to the core of my being. Last night was very, very special to me, probably one of the most precious moments of my art career, as I got to see one of, if not my favorite artist, Sandro Botticelli.  And on top of that, I stood by one of his most famous paintings, “Venus”, Goddess of Love. It was an extremely emotional spiritual inspiration. I stood in this crowded room, filled with people of all types and sizes, and yet the room was silent for me. I did not speak for many moments as the tears fell down my face and I stood there gazing upon the simple, powerful beauty. He had captured the essence of the soul of love. No words, no complicated painting techniques. Just the simplistic essence of unconditional naked love.

Maybe I cried because my depth of understanding of what it takes to be in the moment, to capture the essence of anything, put it on canvas in this crazy, busy world we live in. Maybe I understand the ridicule of cruel words by passers-by who don’t understand what it takes to be an artist. Maybe I understand his communication of pure simple LOVE and the importance of this message to the world.  Art gets made when we step out of ourself and become interested in the spirit of life, the spirit of love, the spirit of nature. Art is the soul, it is life, is love and all those special beautiful things that exist in life that bring us joy.  Art is power, it’s emotional energy, thoughts and concepts,  transferring from one being “the Artist”, existing through time and connecting to another. But more importantly, art is art because it speaks to you and gives you power as it speaks to you. This is the true power of art. It feeds the soul. It is unlike anything else you purchase in life. It is the spiritual connection between you and the artist that lives forever. If it speaks to you once, it will speak to you again and again and again.

How is it that of all the places I could be in this one moment in time, on this one particular day, in this one particular location, that I was granted this gift of seeing something that would change me forever. This is the first time in history that the painting was shown outside of Europe. I just can’t put into words how seeing his works mean to me. I will never be the same!

Bottechelli 1Bottechelli
I bring to you a moment in time, the release of : ”Enveloping LOVE”, a piece that marks a pivotal point in my art

4 thoughts on “I Will Never Be the Same

  1. Debbie, your words touch me and I know your words must touch a lot of people. You not only have a talent of putting on canvass your expression and feelings, but you also have the ability to put on paper your words, feelings and emotions.

    Good bless you daughter, you are one of a kind!


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  2. I understand how you feel. There are two pieces of art that make my heart sing. One is Michaelangelo’s David. It is simple yet so complete and so moving to me. The second is a heart that hangs over our bed. It fills me with joy every day. Art is so personal and so full of feeling for both the artist and the viewer a connection that spans time and distance.

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