Conquering Storms to Bring a Message of Hope Thru Patriotic Heart Art

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Spring Oaks, Pennsylvania March 17, 18 & 19, 2017 world famous artist, Debbie Arambula won’t let the Texas tornado’s or the Nor’ Eastern snow storms stop her from bringing a message of hope to the people during her nationwide “Living the Dream Art Tour”.

Arambula might as well have been born with a paintbrush in her hand and a peace sign in her heart. Her gift of creativity has been instilled in her from day one, even more beautiful is her ability to connect with her customers and to create pieces of the times.  Painting more than what meets the eye is her passion. Arambula’s signature style patriotic heart art series gives new meaning to ‘UNITED WE STAND’ as she calls upon the public to participate in creating her colorful master piece collage, while she unveils the hidden meaning behind the 9 stripes and 11 stars and her passion for dedicating her flag art to Veterans, 911, firefighters, police and those that live and die to protect our dreams.

“Honoring people that live to serve & protect us or in the case of 911, that died to awaken us as a culture, helps us to remember that we are all in this together. We are the ones that will make our country great again. Not one man or women. “We the people”, working together and really treating each other the way we want to be treated. It is up to us as individuals and so I get each participant to do three things while contributing to my master piece collage: 1) To acknowledge something they are grateful for. 2) To rededicate themselves to a dream they want to accomplish. 3) To think of one thing they can do to create a better world. This is my way of inspiring brotherly love, I don’t know if it will inspire change, but I sure hope it does!”

On March 17, 18 & 19 despite snow storms Arambula will join artists & crafters from all over the USA,  at the Sugarloaf Craft Festival, in Spring Oaks, Pennsylvania. You can expect to see her collection of pieces that will captivate and soothe the soul.

Debbie travels from California across the USA participating in the top art shows in the country with her husband & daughter in her 32 foot motor home along with her 16 foot art studio trailer in tow, living her dream in full color.

Arambula art has been featured on high-profile television programs such as “Good Morning Arizona” and “Fox 5 News in Las Vegas,” and in publications such as Entertainment Magazine, Los Angeles Times, SF Chronicle, Romantic Homes and Arizona Foothills for the past 20 years. Awarded as featured artist in art shows across the country,

.”If you like art, you’ll be crazy about the “Heartworks” by Debbie Arambula

– SJ Mercury News

For additional information about Debbie Arambula, ‘The Heart Artist’, contact Kate Arambula or visit – END –

WHAT:             Sugarloaf Craft Festival

WHEN:             March 17, 18, 19

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

100 Station Ave Spring Oaks, Pennsylvania 19496

TIME:               Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

COST:              $8 online / $10 at the door Kids 12 and under FREE

INFO:               Visit:

More about Debbie Arambula

As a performing dancer at the age of 3, Debbie began her career of bringing smiles to the hearts of many while winning first place in a Baby Beauty contest in San Jose California. By five she was making colorful gifts of art for her family using scraps heart shaped tissue paper on recycled wood until she discovered that dance performance on stage would attract considerably more attention. It was not till the age of 35 she would uncover her deepest passion for dancing with her hands and fingers on canvas as her life calling.

Today, 22 years later her heart works uplift, inspire and bring hope to the lives of collectors worldwide. Whether painting a family of hearts, a sunflower or Tuscan Landscape you can be sure that she pours her heart & soul into everything she creates! Award winning artist Debbie Marie Arambula is internationally collected & known for her exuberant colorful heart paintings and generous community art projects to groups like Hospice of the Valley, American Heart Association, Artists’ for Human Rights, Boulder City Hospital, Hearts in San Francisco Foundation, SF General Hospital, and Citizens Commission for Human Rights.

Debbie has been interviewed extensively in press and media nationwide to an estimated 10 million people. She has been seen on NBC and ABC affiliates in major West Coast cities, KRON TV, Entertainment Magazine, Good Day Sacramento, Good Morning Scottsdale, Fox 5 in Las Vegas, ABC, NBC, Newstalk 550 Arizona Radio. Debbie has also been featured in Romantic Homes Magazine-National, SF Chronicle, LA Times, and San Jose Mercury News, Homes by the Sea, Décor Magazine and dozens of others.

Arambula’s signature style “Heart Portraits” are highly personalized works of art, reflecting the essence and energy of an individual, a couple or a family. “It is as if I am listening to their heart and seeing into their soul,” Debbie explains, “during such conversations, I take “notes” in a myriad of brilliant shades, brushstrokes and textures, transpiring from small canvases to a one-of-a-kind grand painting on an enormous canvas.  I have been told by my collectors that I have given them the ability to see their soul through the eyes of an artist.  Their emotional response to the finished work is priceless.”

Commissioned by 1000’s of people across the world, she is best known for her signature style Heart Portraits, wherein she captures the essence of couples, families & individuals, celebrating them on canvas!

2 thoughts on “Conquering Storms to Bring a Message of Hope Thru Patriotic Heart Art

  1. Keep keeping on dear Heart Artist! Change will only happen if we all work togeather. Your inspiration of art will and does touch people from all over the world!

    You our an inspiration Mrs Arambula!!!!

    On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 8:35 AM The Heart Artist wrote:



    1. Thanks DAD your words mean so much to me you have no idea! I love you so much! Yes I may be an ARAMBULA but the truth is I am and always will be a CETANI! I can only imagine what Great Grandpa Salvatori felt like on his journey from Italy to America. This adventure has had its ups and downs, This has been the hardest tour yet lots of learning curves to say the least, yes we are keeping on, all I know is it feels right! Full detailed blot post coming next Dad! Honestly, you and Mom are amazing and have given me the strength and determination to make my dreams a reality! Thank you so very much I adore and miss you both so much!


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