I Never Make Resolutions . . . I Create Dreams!

'Inspiration' ~ Collage Series by Debbie Marie

For me, “Happy NEW Year” is just a state of Mind, Heart and Soul!  I don’t believe it is just a December or January thang! Think about it. If we all thought tonight was New Years Eve, how would we look at life today? What reflections do we focus on? The things we want to change? The habits we want to break? The better job we desire? We would forgive our mis fortunes and our short comings and find renewal of life in a simple thought, that tomorrow is the beginning of something new.  So why not do this whenever we want to start over? I say yes, every week is Happy New Year. So Happy New Year to us!

With each year that greets my life, I like to focus on the possibilities of accomplishment for the upcoming months. I love listing out goals across all areas of my life and have fun doing it. Maybe I am a freak, but this is the secret behind my success.  I have never been one for resolutions, but rather, focus my energies on my goals and dreams through purpose and passion.  I NEVER make resolutions, I make dreams. In fact, usually what I do is sit down in a quiet place with my coffee and write out my ideal scene for my life as though I were painting a painting. I write it in the present tense, as though it is already happening, down to the smallest details. My visual descriptions make it possible to see it and believe it.  Writing it in the present tense stimulates my imagination. It is super fun and I really enjoy it. I usually have my favorite music playing in the background, just me, my music, my coffee, and no one around to interrupt me. This has been my number one tool for making my dreams become a reality. Of course there is always the work you have to do to make it happen, but it ALWAYS starts with a vision, a goal, a dream and lots of unleashed imagination. AND IT’S FREE!

At this point in my life, my main goal is BALANCE.  The main things that are important to me, and probably you, are health, spiritual growth, family, wealth and optimum balance between all of it. I have some pretty hefty goals for my career and just like most people, there are barriers that bring their own challenges and learning curves. BALANCE will help me to get through all the pains of expansion.

I am a firm believer that if you DREAM it & Believe it, YOU CAN BE, DO or HAVE anything out of life! ANYTHING! It all starts with imagination and a willingness to do whatever it takes.

Try visualizing your ideal life on paper sometime. You might find it as enjoyable as I do!

Happy Dreaming and Fun Imagining!

Living the Dream to Inspire Dreams

Debbie Arambula

P.S.  Right now, while I am “Living My Dream” on my 4 Month Nationwide Art Festival Tour, I am going to open up a Word doc and type it all down, in full detail, of exactly what I want. A dream within a dream! Oh and by the way my American Flag Series is called “Living the Dream” Its a participatory master piece that I invite customers to participate to inspire their dreams! You can see some of the finished pieces here: http://www.theheartartist.com/special-edition-art-collection

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