San Antonio, Texas Tornado Swirling in My Head and I Woke up Inspired!


Living the Dream to Inspire Dreams

Life is exciting and one hell of an adventure but I never expected to read 30 minute tornado warnings on my cell phone right when I was about to step into my cozy bed and watch another Netflix episode of “Royal Pains”, a show set in the Hamptons about a concierge doctor for the rich and famous.  I find it balances a hard day’s work, even if I am sitting in the RV dreaming up new blog posts, new pieces of art, or ‘Spread the Love’ ideas to inspire the world to live in compassion. Yeah, my head swirls with inspiration from heart to head. It’s like volleyball of wanting to do one thing and wanting to do everything. But no matter what, we get things done because we are passionate and focused about our purpose.

The warning signs-Scariest lightening I have ever experience!

Anyway back to our tornado adventure. It was 11:30pm and all of our phones simultaneously buzzed TORNADO WARNINGS: “Find shelter NOW, don’t wait to see the Tornado. . .”


Ok, let me back up the story:

We had a wonderful day together in San Antonio, traipsing around the River Walk,

River Walk walking

enjoying a meal and special cocktail at a historical bar

Family Fun on the River Walk at Esquire the oldest bar in San Antonio,Texas

, touring The Alamo

A piece History The Alamo San Antonio, Texas

, walking the Market and then our last stop, “Lu Lu’s Bakery & Cafe”. Katie had been dreaming about biting into one of these world famous, as seen on TV, 3lb Cinnamon Buns… So we waited in line for 45 minutes and purchase a 3lb cinnamon bun monstrosity… Still warm, we sliced up this heavenly treat and enjoyed the moment.

What you looking at is actually one 3lb Cinnamon Bun on a DINNER plate! It was delicious! Honestly we never finished it!


Yep it really is that BIG!

A few hours after enjoying this sweet retreat, we got the Tornado Warning… So back to the “WHAT” part of the story. . .

Thoughts of RV equals large tin can in a Tornado swirled around in my head. Where do we go, what do we do…

Yep, all I can say is, ‘Ya Just Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Until Ya Know It!’ Fascinated by the massive thunder & lightning storm just moments ago, now we were faced with “stay in the RV or run and find shelter with massive lightning strikes hitting the sky, oh me, oh my… meanwhile the warning alerts are going off saying “Find Shelter NOW”! It was quite the dilemma. And for a moment we all had to rely on intuition. We voted to stay in the RV & wait it out. We all had our phones in hand & both laptops open, watching, gauging, reading about the “what to do’s”. It was a moment in my life when I was calm, but really scared, and really didn’t know what to do. I WAS NOT PREPARED! Just hours before I didn’t know what I didn’t know and now I knew what I needed to find out about and THAT JUST SUMS UP LIFE!

Full of learning curves, full of surprises, full of adventure, fear, intuition and guts to stick it out and then smarts enough to find out about what you don’t know so that it doesn’t happen again. You know, the preventative stuff. This is what dreams are made of: Having a purpose, a passion and going for it, even if you don’t know all about it, but having the courage to continue the quest despite it all and never letting fear jail your dream. This is how I live my life, this is how I achieve my goals. 22 years ago I was cleaning houses for a living. YEP, and I loved it! I really mean that I LOVE it! And then at the age of 35 after doing a course in Scientology, I discovered that I was an artist. With the loving support of my hubby and our children, it was only one year after that discovery that I slowly worked myself out of my day job and became a full time artist.

Living the Dream 1

Today is Presidents Day 2017 and because of our forefathers I am free to live my DREAM because I live in a FREE COUNTRY. I LOVE our Country!

I RESPECT our Flag and what it stands for. United We STAND, HOME of the BRAVE, Land of the FREE. I Support our president and all the presidents before him, because this is my country and I am proud of it.  I respect people of all religions and all cultures.

Each person that I invite to participates is over joyed to be a part of it.

Our ‘LIVING the DREAM’ ART Exhibition East & West Coast TOUR is all about inspiring & rekindling dreams and getting strangers to participate in gluing a heart on my new “Living the Dream” painting. It is also about cheer leading for our flag, our country and what it stands for, inspiring unity & brotherly love, while at the same time honoring Veterans, Police, Fighter fighters and 911 victims. In every flag I paint I incorporate the 9 or the 11 or both.  In my mind these are the types of people that live and die to protect our dreams.

Selecting a heart that they want to glue on my “Living the Dream 2” Flag art. Honoring Peace Officers, Veterans, Firefighters that dedicate their life to protecting our Dreams!

To get things even more exciting than the HUGE Cinnamon Bun or Tornado Warning, I have decided to release three special releases. Over the next 72 hours, I am releasing prints of the flag in all sizes and at regular prices. Normally I  don’t offer prints, so I am not sure how long I will keep up the links to the print options, see all three here Shop Special Editions here

With each flag print purchased, a portion will go to a special account called “Spread the LOVE~Living the Dream’. With each purchase, a portion of the sales will go to funding the costs of mailing one of my Flag pieces art to selected individuals: Veterans, 911 families, Fire Houses, Police Departments and Mayors in each state to inspire, acknowledge and uplift the things our flag stands for. See  Living the Dream 2Living the Dream 1 or

“Living the Dream 2 What the World Needs Now” by Debbie Arambula Professional photo shot DONE!. Original painting on tour now! Now for Sale. 11 stripes and 11 stars and 9 crystals in the stars, thus 911.


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