Painting Sunflowers with Vincent van Gogh

Dancing Sunflowers by Debbie Arambula

When I was approached by Jerry’s Artarama to review some art products of my choice, I was both honored and excited. I was allowed to choose what I wanted to test and I choose Lukas paints. When I reviewed the company’s profile, I discovered that these where the same paints that Vincent van Gogh use in the 1800’s. How perfect for my new sunflower painting. When I first opened the Lukas tubes, I noticed that the color palette was not as bright as I was used too. I could tell that the saturated deep pigments were of a higher quality and my confidence that they would last a long time was not in question! They are creamy, alive and high quality. Although above average in creamy texture, I prefer an extremely creamy texture so I added the high quality poppy seed oil that Jerry’s Artarama gave to me as well. I LOVE the poppy seed oil. It gave the oils the perfect, creamy texture I prefer when painting the flowers with my hands and fingers. Most all my flowers are painted with my hands and fingers so texture is vital. And as a master colorist, color is essential. Both of these products met my standards and beyond, and I would highly recommend them. However, that said, I would like to try some other products that fit more into my color palette.
As an artist, I am fascinated & inspired by many Master painters, but some I have a sort of soul connection to. Vincent van Gogh is one of those artists that touch me deeply.


From the very beginning of my art career, I have always painted what I feel inside, not what I see. Painting my flowers with my hands and fingers gives birth and assists my expression fully. It helps me taps into the most important spiritual element of emotion. What I feel always comes first and most likely, this is where Vincent van Gogh and I are kindred spirits. He painted from the deepest part of his soul.

Flowers always inspire, that spring-like feeling of whimsy mixed with youth . As a little girl, I remember stealing them from people’s gardens just to give my Mom a little reminder of how much I loved her.

I hope my flowers bring out the simplistic and powerful inspiration that lies inside of you. To see more of my paintings:

Jerry’s Artarama was founded in 1968 when Jerry Goldstein opened his own art supplies and materials store in Long Island, N.Y., introducing discount pricing to budding and established artists. Jerry believed in treating customers like family, a tradition that still continues. Today, Jerry’s offers more than 70,000 top-quality art materials at direct savings – as much as 75 percent off traditional retail on products from the industry’s top art manufacturers, as well as Jerry’s own exclusive product lines via an online retail store, art supply catalog, and Jerry’s Artarama Superstores. In addition, Jerry’s Artarama serves as an artist resource by providing instructional workshops; new art supply demos; and special art-related events, including the Art of the Carolinas Tradeshow, an annual event held in Raleigh, N.C., Jerry’s Artarama’s corporate headquarters. For additional information, please visit

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