Magic of Flower Power in Oil Painting

Debbie Arambula Purple Tulip Oil Painting

Let’s face it, Art, for most, is considered a luxury item, but I look at it a bit differently.
Beauty is ENERGY, it’s that kind of energy that feeds your soul. Right?
So bringing more beauty into your living space or your work space can only do one thing… uplift you and give you that feeling of inspiration. That kind of good energy which leaves you feeling motivated, unlike that type of feeling you have when you walk into a room and feel drained of energy. ART gives you energy. Power, like food for the soul.  A room without art is like living in a world without light, beauty, inspiration…

When I first set out to paint flowers, about 11 years ago, I wanted to capture the essence of the flowers’ personality and natural, simplistic beauty. Like people, flowers have a spirit all of their own, and lucky for us, many exude glorious fragrances. I naturally gravitated toward painting them with my hands and fingers only. Crazy, I know, but something about the process just felt totally right.  I adore flowers. In the next few blogs I will share a series of videos and pictures of my journey in painting these glorious explosions of life.  Keep in mind 85% of my flowers are painted with my hands and fingers only. To see the finished work visit

This Sunflower oil painting was commissioned by a wonderful art collector. I was graciously sponsored by *Jerry’s Artarama* to select any paint and products I wanted to use and do a review on them. I choose Lukas Oils and Poppy Seed Oil as my mixing medium.  What a thrill to use the same oil paints Vincent van Gogh used back in the late 1800’s. Lukas oils are made of high quality pigments and wonderful to work with! Lukas has been around since 1862. Thank you Jerry’s Artarama!

Jerry’s Artarama was founded in 1968 when Jerry Goldstein opened his own art supplies and materials store in Long Island, N.Y., introducing discount pricing to budding and established artists. Jerry believed in treating customers like family, a tradition that still continues. Today, Jerry’s offers more than 70,000 top-quality art materials at direct savings – as much as 75 percent off traditional retail on products from the industry’s top art manufacturers, as well as Jerry’s own exclusive product lines via an online retail store, art supply catalog, and Jerry’s Artarama Superstores. In addition, Jerry’s Artarama serves as an artist resource by providing instructional workshops; new art supply demos; and special art-related events, including the Art of the Carolinas Tradeshow, an annual event held in Raleigh, N.C., Jerry’s Artarama’s corporate headquarters. For additional information about The Worlds Greatest Gesso, Lukas Oils & mediums: Lukas Oil Paints   Visit:www.Jerry’

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