“Not Forgotten” Red, White and Blue Heart Art for the Patriot Heart

not-forgotten heart art by debbie arambulaAfter 9/11, I drew a series of pieces that would be created as time marched on. My red, white and blue heart art piece “Not Forgotten” wasn’t  painted until June of 2011, and November 11, 2013, I released it to the World, in Honor of our Veterans and to inspire the HOME of the BRAVE, with a deeper meaning behind “Land of the FREE”. With each paint stroke, I filled the canvas with good old fashioned American Pride, togetherness, community-hood and down home, countrified brotherly love, to inspire a better life for all.  Notice the 9 stars & 11 stripes. Land of the FREE: The blue star represents you. We are the only ones that can create our Land of the Free. So don’t stop believing in our country, and contribute to the betterment of your own town, city, and community. Whether you live in Arkansas, or Alabama, New Mexico or New York, San Francisco or Hawaii, we are all in this together. We make the World we live in.

Traveling across the USA, from San Francisco to North Carolina, I am constantly reminded of how amazing, kind-hearted & downright friendly people are. One for one, from Arkansas to Amarillo, the places we have visited and the people we’ve met have inspired me in ways I have yet to realize.

Debbie in Arkansas 2013

With lush lands of beauty, from the blue skies of Asheville to the open fields in Oklahoma, each town is filled with people like you and me, with their own unique style of talking, walking, dressing, dreaming, hoping, struggling, living with, living without…

And despite any trials in life, this middle America is sprinkled with the pleasant sound of “Yes mam” and the warm hearted intentions of “Ya’ll come back now”. With a church on almost every corner, the trip was more than enlightening.

This piece is dedicated in honor of not only Veterans that have lived and died for the fight of freedom, but in honor of 9/11, all that lost their lives that day and to all the Fighter Fighters, First Responders, Police, doctors, nurses that continue to be brave in the face of the most horrifical tragedies. I do not forget and dedicate my entire flag series to these stellar beings!

I do believe that we are in this together, and that something can always be done about any situation in life. And more importantly, when we step outside of ourselves to give help, support and brotherly love to another, being true to our country, our nation, we make the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave possible.

Inspired by the Bravery of men and women from all over the world I honor Veterans "Home of the BRAVE" Celebrating them in their quest to protect our "Land of the free" with all of my heart!
Inspired by the Bravery of men and women from all over our Country, “Home of the BRAVE” Celebrating them in their quest to protect our “Land of the free” with all of my heart!

3 thoughts on ““Not Forgotten” Red, White and Blue Heart Art for the Patriot Heart

  1. Wow my beautiful daughter, your words, your thoughts, your understanding and your beliefs of this great country we call the “United States of America”, touch my heart and my soul! Your art brings out all of your love of people and our great country. Rock on!


    1. Thank you Dad, I learned from the best two parents in the world. You have no idea how you inspire me Dad. You and Mom have taught me to always believe in myself and never give up. Thank you so much!


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