Unfolding *Flower Paintings* From my Heart to my Hands

"Souls Inspiration" red orange poppy acrylic painting
“Souls Inspiration” red orange poppy acrylic painting

“Flowers are celebrations of life’s precious moments; they give way to many emotions of the heart and soul. Painting flowers is a way for me to express my deepest of emotions, painting them with my hands and fingers is almost like unfolding the delicate nuances of the flowers inner soul.

Often Like anything in life inspiration comes to you from many places, anywhere and at any given moment. A song you hear, a sunset you see, a day at the ocean, a drive in the country, holding your grandchild, hugging your son, kissing your daughter, being with your soul mate, hanging out with girlfriends. These are all things that bring more happiness to our lives and when we do these simple things in life our happiness meter goes up and we survive better.

My fascination with flowers started at a very early age, I have found them to be both magical, whimsical muses for both my heart and soul.

Over the past few years I continually find myself being called to flowers, perhaps it is where I am in my life, their intricate folds, their delicate intertwining’s of pedals like a long warm hug from a dear friend, the life energy they bring to any given moment is priceless. I hope my flowers inspire your life with more beauty, more love, more happiness and lots of good memories.”

"Awakening" Pink Peony Oil Painting on canvas by Debbie Arambula
“Awakening” Pink Peony Oil Painting on canvas by Debbie Arambula


To contact her personally Email: debbie@heartworksgallery.com

To view more of Debbie’s heart art and flower paintings Visit: www.heartworksgallery.com

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