*Living Your DREAM* Freedom is not Free* Story Part 2

Rainbow American Flag Mixed Media Painting by Debbie Arambula
Rainbow American Flag Mixed Media Heart Art Painting by Debbie Arambula


Making the decision to live your dream, create the life you want to live and really go for it may not always come easy at first, with fear lurking as background noise and those very “thoughtful disbelievers” pushing you to live a “normal lifestyle”; sometimes it takes one simple inspiration to push you over the edge and say “YES, I am going to make this happen!”

Funny, but in some sort of weird way, the above barriers can actually be a blessing in disguise. Let me explain, getting the dream on it’s way can sometimes be painstaking and a test of your dedication to yourself and your ideals. Honestly, I think all of the above just prepares you for the adventure.

Living the life of an artist, wearing your heart on your sleeve, being your naked self in every painting, both spiritually and emotionally, can leave yourself open to all sorts of comments, considerations and critics, to say the least. Any artist that can make it 20 years with all of the above is prepared for almost any adventure in life. For when a true artist creates a painting, it comes from their imagination, their life’s experience and deep passion that moves them to the point of picking up a brush and sharing it with the entire world.

Family dedicating themselves to their dreams as they glue hearts on
Family dedicating themselves to their dreams as they glue hearts on

Chicago KOA SylviaLiving your dream is very much like picking up a paintbrush. You have to want the dream first, then visualize it and more importantly, know that you can make it happen. With a good mix of imagination, ingenuity, enough mind and heart muscle to kick fear in the teeth, ignoring the nay-sayers and doing a lot of action items to make it really come to life, you can achieve your dreams. My parents lovingly ingrained in me that you can be or do anything you want in life. And I am living proof, from Professional House Cleaner to Professional Artist for 20 years now.


Here are just a few lovely pictures of dreamers from Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois…..

Little Dreamers
Little Dreamers
Couple living the dream
Couple in Love Chicago Dreamers
Rainbow flag art
New Friends Chicago Amdur Productions Team Dreamers
Rainbow Flag Heart Art
Nebraska Dreamer


Rainbow Flag Heart art
Father & Daughter Dreamers

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