The Heart Artist Palette
The Heart Artist Palette



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Like the title of this new piece, Living the Dream, this year marks many important landmarks: My 35th Wedding Anniversary in Cabo, recently celebrating my 55th Birthday, and my biggest adventure yet, traveling over 5500 miles across the country to Chicago, to participate in some of the top fine art shows in the USA.

As my special gift to you, I offer you one of my most cherished heart art as a proclamation and announcement of sorts to LIVE YOUR DREAM AND NEVER GIVE UP!

Living the Dream ~ Story, Part 1 

Having the courage to *LIVE YOUR DREAM* despite all odds, not only takes a gleaming dedication of guts, it can often be encouraged and inspired by family and friends, which can MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE in making it come true or just letting it quietly die away.

For me, Living the Dream has always meant dedicating yourself to creating it and doing whatever it takes to make it a reality! It is not always easy in this world. But the simple truth is the dreamers must never give up, or the rest will perish. Every good idea has come from a DREAMER. ART itself is conjured up from the imagination, and when one loses that, he has pretty much lost the fun in the game of life.

Many people on this earth live and die to protect our dreams; Veterans, Policemen, Firemen, Doctors & Nurses, to name a few. Living the Dream was created from dreams, and it is dedicated to and for the DREAMER in you, and to all those that muster the courage to protect the dream no matter what the cost.

This piece started in Hermosa Beach, California, with the assistance of our lovely daughter Kate, and evolved into inviting dreamers of all ages to share their dream through action and thought. There are over 275 hearts of all colors, and sizes. And with each person, no matter what their age or their occupation, I ask them to “acknowledge the dream they are living” or to “re-dedicate themself to making their dream a reality”. Below are some pics of happy dreamers at the Gold Coast Art Show in Downtown Chicago.

Ok, so I have two ‘Pretty Please Requests’:

  • First, please join the conversation, and if you’re daring enough, please share your dream with me.
  • Secondly, click the picture of ‘Living the Dream’ to see a VERY EXCLUSIVE LIMITED OFFER for you. This offer will only last a 6 days. I promise you will love it, and besides, there is no harm in taking a peek. So please Click the link you owe it to yourself : Debbie’s Living the DREAM 55th Birthday Offer

Much love to you!

Debbie Arambula , Heartist


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Kate and I Living the Dream together!
Kate and I Living the Dream together!
Little Dreamers
Little Dreamers
Family of Dreamers
Family of Dreamers
Family Dreamers
Family Dreamers

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